Setting up Linewize Community at your school

This article is intended for IT Support at schools with Linewize Community who use School Manager to manage students’ access to their network and internet connections.

Linewize Community Overview

Parents and Guardians

In this article we use the term parent to include guardians and other legal custodians. Linewize will not arbitrate disputes between parents.

Enabling Linewize Community in School Manager allows your school to safely and optionally share data and control of school-managed devices with parents. All parents at your school get a free Qustodio subscription which gives them access to the Community features and data you have shared, as well as access to Qustodio’s parental controls for two personal devices.

Important Concepts

Connecting Parents and Students

Community features are only made available to verified parents.

School Manager needs to have access to parent contact details for students to verify parent permissions to access Community features. You can upload this data via syncing School Manager with your source of truth or by uploading a .csv file.

When a parent creates a Qustodio account using your school’s unique registration URL, we compare their email address with the verified parent contact recorded in School Manager. If the contact methods match, Community will create a connection. Once a connection is complete, the parent can access your chosen Community features (eg shared control and data).

While connections are established by parents, schools can disconnect them at any time as required.

Primary Parents

Student Connections cannot be activated by more than one parent at a time. The primary parent is the first parent to activate the connection with a particular student. Primary parents can add other parents to their Qustodio Account, which will give them access to the same Community features and data.

Enabling Community in School Manager


You must ensure all student and parent information is correct in your School Information System (SIS) or other source of truth before enabling Community. Community relies on your data being accurate to deliver services and correctly link parents and students together.

1. Enable Community in School Manager

Contact your Linewize Account or Success Manager to turn on Linewize Community at your school.

2. Load parent records into School Manager

Community Parent Management in School Manager allows you to upload parent details into School Manager as verified parents and add them to students at your school.

See Loading Parent Data into Community from School Manager for the ways to add parents into School Manager.

3. Enable Community Features

1. Share Student Usage and Insights with Parents

Enable Student Usage and Insights to share information about students’ use of school-managed devices with their parents. Parents will be able to see an overview of their children’s usage data on school managed devices for the current day or an overview of usage for the past seven days. See Sharing student data with parents using Community to find out how to enable sharing and learn more about what information is shared with parents.

2. Enable Pause Internet

Enabling Pause Internet allows parents to pause internet access on a child’s school-managed devices using the Qustodio app. You can configure this so that “pause” can only be used outside of school hours. See Enable Community's Pause Internet feature in School Manager to find out how to enable Pause Internet and learn more about how it works.

4. Onboard your Parent Community

Once you have enabled Community in School Manager, you can start promoting Qustodio to your parent community. Parents will need to create a Qustodio account and activate the Connection with their children.

Direct parents to your signup URL


To protect the security and privacy of your school community, do not create Qustodio accounts on behalf of parents.

A Linewize representative will provide you with a unique signup URL when you enable Community. You can provide the URL directly to parents or embed it as a link in communications you send out about using Community at your school. Don’t provide the link to your parent community until you have completed steps 1, 2 and 3 above.

The signup process

It’s simple to create a new Qustodio account, but there are two very important points you will need to stress to your parent community. Parents must:

  1. use your school’s signup URL to create their Qustodio account AND
  2. use the same email address as the one you have loaded into School Manager.

If they do not use the correct URL and correct email address, they won’t be able to connect to their children or access your school’s Community features.

Inviting additional parents

The Primary Parent can invite additional parents to the account using the Qustodio App.

5. Providing Additional Support

Parents who need help using the Qustodio app

Parents can find information on how to get started with Qustodio via your School's Online Safety Hub. You can also direct them to Qustodio’s help site for more information.

Answering common questions

Our Qustodio and Linewize Community FAQ answers common questions parents may have about using Qustodio as part of your school's Linewize Community offering.

Troubleshooting common problems

Our troubleshooting guide provides solutions to problems you or parents may encounter when creating a Qustodio account or connecting to their children.

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