Modifying parent information in Linewize Community

This article is intended for IT Support at schools with Linewize Community which uses School Manager to manage students’ access to their network and internet connections.

Community Parent Management in School Manager allows you to modify or remove existing details of parents of students at your school. Adding parents to students in School Manager will let parents connect their children’s school-managed devices to their Qustodio account and use Community features enabled by your school. This article explains how to modify and delete parent data in School Manager.

There are two ways to modify parent information in School Manager:

  1. Update in the School Information System (SIS).
  2. Update the local profile.

Update Parent Information in your SIS

Use this method to modify parent data if your school uses OneRoster, Classlink or Clever.. You must update your SIS database otherwise your changes will be undone the next time your SIS syncs with School Manager.

  1. Log in to your SIS or other tool and follow your vendor’s instructions to update the parent’s information.
  2. Wait for the next scheduled sync, or manually sync your platform with School Manager:
    • Manual Sync with OneRoster or Classlink:
      • Go to Configuration > Authentication > SIS Integration.
      • Select Sync for the OneRoster or ClassLink system.
    • Manual Sync with Clever
      • Go to Configuration > Authentication > Clever.
      • Select Sync.

Sync Statuses

If the sync succeeds, it will update the parent information in the students' Manage User Parent Details section. If the sync status on the SIS configuration page indicates a partial success or failure, please reach out to Linewize Support for assistance with troubleshooting. The Last Sync and Sync Status will also show on the School Information Systems (SIS Integration) or Clever page in School Manager.

Update the Local Profile

You can use School Manager to modify parent records that you manually created.

Modifying a Locally Managed Parent


If a parent has connected a student using Qustodio, you must disconnect the parent from the connected student before you edit or delete the parent in School Manager.

  1. Go to Configuration > Users and Groups > Users.
  2. Search for the correct student, Select Edit (pencil icon).
  3. Under Parent Details on the student’s Manage User page, select Edit Details.
  4. Enter the parent's changed details in the Edit Parent Details dialog.
  5. Select Save Details.

Deleting a Locally Managed Parent

  1. Go to Configuration > Community > Parent Management.
  2. Search for the parent by name or email address.
  3. Select the Arrow icon for the parent.
  4. Select Disconnect if the parent has any Connected Students.
  5. Select Remove at the Remove confirmation.
  6. Select Remove for any Disconnected Students.
  7. Select Remove at the Remove confirmation.
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