Adding and Managing Groups

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This article is intended for IT Administrators.

About groups 

Groups give multiple end users similar security and filtering permissions in School Manager. When creating a group, you can configure filtering rules, usage, and reporting features for users in that group at the same time, rather than assigning these rules to individual users.

Adding a group 


You should not add synced users to local groups as the next sync may remove them from that group.

Important: Naming Groups and Subgroups

You cannot change the name of a group once created. To change a group’s name, you need to delete that group and create a new one with the correct name.

To add a group:

  1. Go to Configuration > Users and Groups Groups.
  2. Select Add Group and enter the group's name in the Add Group dialog.
  3. On the Manage Group screen, enter the group’s:


    Name, Provider and Provider DN are inactive for manually created groups and auto-populated for groups created through third-party authentication services (see the Authentication page for more information.)

    1. Subgroups (select from the list if available, or create one)
    2. Owners (select from the list if available)
  4. Select Save.

The Users list in the Manage Group screen will appear when users are assigned to the group. This is completed on the Manage Users page. See: Adding and Editing Users in School Manager.

Managing groups

Warning: Complete group configuration in your school’s authentication service first

If your school uses a third-party authentication service (LDAP, Active Directory, Google Integrations, SIS, etc.), you should complete all group configuration in the authentication service before syncing your data with School Manager via Configuration > Authentication > (your school’s third-party authentication service).  

If you change the settings of an authenticated group in School Manager, these changes may be lost after syncing. See: Authentication.

Editing group details

To edit or update a group’s details:

  1. Locate the relevant group in ConfigurationUsers and Groups > Groups.
  2. Select the group’s name or its corresponding Edit button on the Operations column.
  3. On the Manage Group screen, enter the required updates.
  4. Select Save.

Name, Provider and Provider DN cannot be edited and are inactive for locally/manually created groups and auto-populated for groups created through third-party integrations.
If you access a group that has been authenticated through a third-party service, you will notice that the Manage Group page displays a message that editing has been disabled.

Assigning a subgroup

To assign a subgroup, you need to first configure it as a group.  

  1. Complete the steps for adding a new group.
  2. Select the group on the Subgroups dropdown on the Manage Group screen.
  3. Select Save.

Assign an owner

To add an owner to a group.

  1. Enter the owner on the Owners dropdown on the Manage Group screen.
  2. Select the owner.
  3. Select Save.

Filter group users

To filter users in the group.

  1. Enter the user on the Users box on the Manage Group screen.
  2. Select the user link to go to the user's Manager User screen.



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