Formatting your Linewize Community CSV Parent Upload

This article is for IT Support at schools with Linewize Community who use School Manager to manage students’ access to their network and internet connections.

Parents and Guardians

We use the term "parent" to include guardians and other legal custodians. Linewize is not responsible for resolving disputes between parents, schools and school staff.

School Manager accepts two .csv template formats for uploading or importing parent data: Simple and OneRoster. You should use the OneRoster format if possible. If you can’t supply all of the data required for the OneRoster format, use the Simple format.

Before You Begin

Download the appropriate template.

  1. In School Manager, go to Configuration > Community > Parent Data Upload.
  2. Select simple CSV or OneRoster CSV and download the appropriate template.


Your CSV file can contain up to 20,000 rows (5,000 for optimal performance). If the file exceeds 20,000 rows, you may experience performance issues and receive an error.

If you need to upload more than 20,000 users, you should split your CSV into multiple files of 20,000 rows (max). For optimal performance, use 5000 rows or less.

Simple CSV Format

Your CSV file must contain the following fields in this order:

Field Comment
StudentUsername The username for a student must match their School Manager username and is case sensitive.
ParentFirstName The parent’s First Name.
ParentLastName The parent’s Last Name or Surname.
ParentEmail Must be unique.



Figure 1: Example simple CSV template

OneRoster CSV Format

Your CSV file must contain the following column headers in the listed order.
You must add data to all columns, except for the middleName field, and include all template column headers in the file.

Field Comment

Must be a unique ID.


This ID is typically already generated by your third-party system, such as a Student Information System(SIS) or School Management System (SMS).

role Must either be a Student or Guardian. Guardian Role will be added as a Parent.

User is a Student
The username for a student must match their School Manager username and is case sensitive.

User is a Parent
The username for a parent must be a unique ID. Typically generated by an SIS or SMS.

givenName The person's First Name.
familyName The person’s Last Name.
middleName (Optional) The person’s Middle Name.
email Must be unique.
status Must always be Active.

Should only be completed for a parent user. Must contain the comma-separated sourcedID’s for all students associated with that parent.


Do not include spaces between delimiters (,) for rows with multiple source IDs.



Figure 2: Example OneRoster CSV template

Multiple Parents for a Student

You can add multiple parents to a single student using the CSV templates. You must list each parent on a separate row, and each parent must have a unique email address. For example, if student1 has two parents using the simple CSV template, you would duplicate the student and add separate parent details on each row.


Figure 3: simple CSV template with multiple parents for a student


Figure 4: OneRoster CSV template with multiple parents for a student

Parent Data Upload Error

If School Manager detects problems with the data uploaded, you will either receive an error message preventing the upload of the .CSV file, or be given the option to download an error file highlighting any data with incorrect formatting.

The most common causes of errors are:

  • The student usernames in School Manager and your .csv don’t match.
    The match is case-sensitive.
  • Your .csv file lists the fields in the wrong order.
    The fields must be presented in the listed order for both the Simple and OneRoster formats.
  • More than one parent has the same email address.
    Each parent must have a unique email address, even if they are from the same family.
  • Your .csv is missing key data.
    The simple .csv must have data in all for fields for every parent. The OneRoster .csv must have data in the sourcedId, role, username, givenName, familyName, email, status, agent for each parent.
  • Your .csv file is not encoded in UTF-8 format.
    Ensure to save or export your .csv file with UTF-8 encoding.


After correcting any errors in your .csv file and successfully completing the upload, you can review your Community Dashboard and Parent Management pages.

If you still have additional questions or issues, please contact your Linewize Account or Success Manager.

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