Reporting on Community uptake at your school

This article is intended for IT Support at schools with Linewize Community who use School Manager to manage students’ access to their network and internet connections.

The Community Dashboard allows you to quickly see how many parents have activated their Qustodio accounts (Community Take Up) and how many students have been connected with a parent (Connected Students).

Enabling the Community Dashboard

The Community Dashboard is disabled by default. To enable the dashboard for users with the Owner Admin and Community Admin user roles, contact Linewize Support.

Using the Community Dashboard

Once the Community Dashboard is enabled, go to School Manager > Configuration > Community > Dashboard.
The Dashboard displays:



Filter by Group

Allows you to filter the dashboard data by a specific Group. New Groups can be made in Configuration > Users and Groups > Groups.

Community Take Up

The percentage of students that have been connected to a parent using Qustodio.
3 Connected Students

The actual number of students that have been connected to a parent.


The total number of students should match the total number of students at your school. If they do not match, this could be because we were not able to add a parent to a student. You should review your source data to find students who don't have a parent listed.


If a student hasn’t been connected to a parent, it could mean that:

  • A parent may not have activated their account
  • A parent hasn’t yet connected with the student or;
  • A student may have been incorrectly added to another parent.

View all parents


Opens the Configuration > Community > Parent Management page. Here you can view all the parents using Community.

5 View parent student relationship

Opens the Configuration > Community > Parent Management page. Here you can view parent and student details who are using Community.



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