Off School Manager Network in the Mobile Agent

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The Off School Manager Network configuration applies to:

  • Linewize Connect Windows and macOS devices use the Off School Manager Network settings while off your school's physical network. This means the device is not connected to a network with a Linewize appliance.
  • Connect for Chrome - Education and Connect for iOS use your school’s filtering policies while devices connect to off-campus networks (like home or public WiFi).

For deployments without a Linewize appliance (or a Cloud Safe Network), the Off School Manager Network settings will always apply.


A. Filtering Enabled

Applies to all devices running Linewize Connect and Connect for Chrome.

You can enable on-device filtering to ensure your users’ devices are protected everywhere and all the time. The Off School Manager Network filtering enables Linewize Connect on Windows, macOS, and iOS/iPadOS to apply your filtering policies on the users’ local devices.

If your school uses cloud-only filtering, Off School Manager Network filtering is required to enforce your cloud policies and monitoring. The Filtering Mode balances performance on your users' local devices with the amount of scrutiny given to uncommon web traffic.

B. MITM Enabled

Applies to devices running Linewize Connect on Windows and macOS. It also applies to Linewize Connect for iOS/iPadOS when WEB Filtering Mode is active.

You may need to monitor students accessing mature topics like suicide, substance abuse or violence while their devices are not connected to your school’s network. By enabling "Man In The Middle" (MITM), Linewize Connect can decrypt and monitor search terms and YouTube content and apply your filtering policies.

MITM and Inspected domains allow you to use:

  • View Bing, Google and YouTube search keywords (Cyber Safety > Search Reports)
  • Inspect and monitor YouTube content (Cyber Safety > Video Reports)
  • Search and video content risk indicators in reports (Cyber Safety > Red Flags and Cyber Safety > Blocked)
  • Real-time alerts or weekly reports for risk indicators (Filtering > Alerts and Reports)
  • Limit access to personal Gmail, Google Workspace, Microsoft Azure, or Outlook accounts when Connect is running on macOS or in a Chrome browser (Filtering > Content Filtering > Rule > Custom Header)
  • Match custom lists of websites to block or keywords to filter (Configuration > Object > Pools > Website List)

As needed, you can add Groups, like teachers or school administrators, to MITM Exclude Groups devices running Linewize Connect.

Important Exceptions

MITM is always on in Connect for Chrome due to how the technology works in browser extensions. Unchecking MITM does not turn off search and video inspection in the Chrome extension.


To Pause Internet for YouTube videos on Connect for Windows and macOS devices, ensure to enable MITM Enabled and inspect the YouTube signature.

C. Safe Search

Only applies to the Connect for Chrome - Education running in a browser.

Safe Search ensures users see age-appropriate search results when Connect for Chrome - Education is installed in a web browser.

Connect for Chrome enables Safe Search to omit explicit content from the results from Google Search, Bing, and YouTube search.

The Safe Search checkboxes do not enable Connect for Windows, macOS, and iOS/iPadOS. See Enforcing Safe Search to create a filtering rule and use MITM to inspect search engines.


Safe Search should be configured Google Workspace or School Manager, but not both to avoid conflicts that disable Safe Search.

D. Classwize

Applies only to Linewize Connect and Connect for Chrome at schools using Classwize outside of school (like a home WiFi connection).

If your school uses Classwize, most of the Classwize features are available while Windows, macOS, and Chromebook devices are:

  • Using cloud-filtering on-campus with no Linewize appliance.
  • Connected to the internet outside of school (such as home or public WiFi).

E. DNS Filtering

Applies to devices running Linewize Connect on Windows, macOS, and iOS/iPadOS.

DNS Filtering can be used to exclude educational software tools, if your School Manager filtering prevents users from accessing the educational applications. These tools might include LDAP servers, Student Information Systems (SIS), assessment software or classroom management applications.

When Configuring Bypass Domains you can use a root domain or subdomain but cannot use IP addresses. The configuration is applied on and off your School Manager network and Linewize Connect will not filter the applications in the DNS Filtering list.

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