Enrolling devices to School Manager

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Enrolling devices requires specific caveats in your school’s configuration. Contact your Linewize Account Manager to check if enrolling devices is viable for your school.

What are Enrolled devices?

Enrollment in Linewize's School Manager refers to registering and associating Windows and MacOS devices with the platform. Once enrolled, these devices become linked to the School Manager system, enabling administrators to apply specific configurations. These configurations may include content filtering, access restrictions, and other management settings designed to enhance security and productivity within the school or educational environment. 

Enrolled devices benefit from the School Manager's features, such as content filtering beyond school hours and off-campus network access restrictions. It's important to note that ChromeOS and mobile devices follow distinct enrollment procedures tailored to their respective platforms, differing from the process for Windows and MacOS devices.

To enroll, you must have our Connect app on the device. Enrollment is handled by the Authentication Agent (installed on the device) or the School Manager Hardware-based auto-enrollment process.

The enrollment process depends on what types of devices your students use at your school or district:

  • Chromebooks
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS

Enrolling Chromebooks to School Manager

To enroll Chromebooks, you must enable Google integration in School Manager and deploy the Linewize Connect Extension to student devices.

Turning on Google Authentication

  1. Follow the instructions for configuring Google integration 
  2. Inside School Manager Configuration > Authentication > Google, ensure Use FZ Auth API and Allow Chrome Extension Authentication is selected.

Chromebook-only Deployments

If your school uses other devices besides Chromebooks and you only want to enroll Chromebooks:
1. Go to Debugging > Device Options.
2. Scroll down to Agent > Select Enable Browser Extension for Chromebooks Only.

Installing and Deploying the Connect for Chrome Extension

School Manager relies on the Connect extension to enroll Chromebooks. You must install the Connect extension on the students' devices to enroll them in School Manager. 

Google Workspace for Education schools can configure and deploy the Connect extension using the Google Admin console. The school’s Google Admin must select the student group or OU and deploy the Connect extension using the appropriate extension ID.

Follow our guide on how to deploy the Connect extension.

Enrolling Mac and Windows devices to School Manager

There are three significant steps to enrolling devices:

  1. Enable mobile agent filtering in School Manager.
  2. Install Connect for Mac/Windows on student devices.
  3. Install the Authentication Agent on student devices (customized by Linewize).

Enabling Mobile Agent

  1. Sign in to School Manager.
  2. Go to Configuration > Mobile Agent.
  3. Under Off School Manager Network, select Filtering Enabled. Turning on this option will filter students off campus, including at home.
  4. Select Default Filtering Mode. The default mode is WEB.
Filtering mode Functionality
DNS The Connect agent configures the device to use a DNS server on a loop-back address ( This DNS server intercepts DNS requests and forwards them to the Linewize cloud DNS filter server, which applies user policy (resolves the request or returns a block page).
WEB The Connect agent uses a packet filter to intercept traffic on the device and apply user policy. It will intercept traffic on Ports 53, 80, and 443.
FULL The Connect agent uses a packet filter to intercept traffic on the device and apply user policy. It will intercept traffic on all ports.
  1. Select the groups you wish to filter under the appropriate Filtering Group. If you wish to filter everyone, leave this blank.
  2. Select MITM Enabled if you wish to enable inspection of keywords in Google Search, Bing, and content on YouTube.
  3. Select Classroom Enabled if you wish to use Classwize.
  4. Select Save.

Installing Linewize Connect

School Manager relies on the Connect agent to complete the enrollment on Mac and Windows devices. See our guide for steps on how to deploy the Connect Agent.

Student devices will not automatically authenticate on the Connect agent until after you install the Authentication Agent.

Installing the Authentication Agent


If you’re attempting this step during your school’s Deployment phase, contact your Linewize Service Delivery Engineer to receive the installation file for the Authentication Agent. Contact Linewize Support for your Authentication Agent installation file if your school is changing to Enrolled devices.

You must install the Authentication Agent after installing Connect on any non-Chromebook device. The Authentication Agent is a small application that runs on the student’s device and tells School Manager who uses it based on their Mac or Windows account. School Manager uses the information to determine what filtering rules should apply to the student’s device.

  1. Install the Authentication Agent .msi or .pkg file provided by Linewize. The Authentication Agent can be deployed by Group Policy or through a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform.
  2. Connect should automatically detect the signed-in student and the School Manager Device ID if you correctly install the Authentication and Connect agents.


After installing the Authentication agent, you may need to restart the device if Connect does not associate with a School Manager Device ID.

After you install the Authentication Agent, the Connect agent will show the School Manager ID and the user’s ID (student’s username inside School Manager).

Enrolling iOS Devices to School Manager

Enrolling iOS devices in School Manager requires deploying the Connect app using MDM.

Follow our guide on deploying Linewize Connect for iOS Devices.

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