Student Activity Report in School Manager

This article is for IT Support and Filtering Administrators.


Our Student Activity Report is an optional School Manager feature. Contact your Linewize Success or Account Manager for access.

School Manager’s Student Activity Report helps you review students' digital behaviour within your school network. You can explore important metrics measuring user activity, allowing wellbeing staff to identify potential issues. Key elements covered in the report include:

  1. Trending Flag Hits: Hourly, daily, and student-based statistics on flagged activities, focusing on:
    1. Adult Searches
    2. Adult Web Hits
    3. Bullying Searches
    4. Depression Searches
    5. Hate Searches
    6. Substance Searches
    7. Suicide Searches
    8. Violence Searches
    9. VPN Hits
  2. Detailed Timeline: An ordered representation of student activity on the network.
  3. School and Off-School Hours Activity: Insights into flagged search terms, gaming hits, social media hits, and education hits during and outside school hours.


Enabling Outside School Hours will exclude data recorded outside of school hours from the Student Wellbeing Report.


To use the Student Activity Report, you need to have:

  1. Either the Filtering/Reporting Administrator or Owner/Global Administrator user role
  2. Configured an Authentication Service in School Manager
  3. Configured Users and Groups in School Manager
  4. Created Content Filtering Policies that block and allow themes and categories.

Accessing the Student Activity Report

  1. In School Manager, go to Reports > Student Activity.
  2. Select From Date
    Enter a new start and end date, or select from the preset values.


    Although there is no limit on the date filter, we recommend selecting a period of less than three months due to the high volume of data that needs to be processed. Select a shorter date range if the Student Activity Report displays an error message.

  3. You can report on individual users or groups of users.
    1. One or more individual users:
    2. One or more groups:


      Groups in the Student Activity Report are synced only once every 24 hours. Any changes to group names will be reflected in the next sync, displaying the latest name.

  4. Select the Load icon.

Activity identified using the Student Activity Report

The Student Activity Report can help identify behaviours requiring the attention of the wellbeing staff. You can use the report to:

Highlight inappropriate content searches: The report can highlight searches related to adult content, violence, hate speech, and bullying. Wellbeing staff can intervene to provide appropriate guidance and support to students.

Identify unusual online activity: The report helps wellbeing staff identify unusual spikes or patterns in online activity. Wellbeing staff can investigate further to understand the reasons behind the unusual behaviour and take necessary actions.

Monitor non-school hour activity: The report helps wellbeing staff identify potential issues outside of school hours. Wellbeing staff can engage with students and address concerns related to inappropriate online behaviour during non-school hours.

Track educational and positive activity: The report can track positive activities like educational searches and productive engagement. Wellbeing staff can acknowledge positive behaviour and encourage students to continue this behaviour.

Downloading the Student Activity Report

You can download all data displayed on the Student Activity Report:

  1. Select the Dashboard actions (three vertical dots) in the upper right.
  2. Select Download.
  3. Select CSV from the Format dropdown.
  4. Select Download.

Downloading data from the Student Activity Report

You can download a single list on the Student Activity Report:

  1. Select the Tile actions (three vertical dots) in the upper right of a tile.
  2. Select Download data.
  3. Select CSV from the Format dropdown.
  4. Select Advanced data options.
  5. Select All results if you have more than 500 results.
  6. Select Download.

Scheduling the Student Activity Report

You can send Student Activity Reports by email on a recurring schedule to other school or wellbeing staff.


If you are scheduling the Student Activity Report, use a Presets date range. Do not use a Custom date; this will set your report to an exact date range and send the same report every time.


You can discuss the Student Activity Report with your school's Wellbeing Team to find the best time for them to receive the report. We recommend configuring a weekly report at the beginning or end of the week to give them the week ahead to follow up with students or time to investigate any at-risk students.

Creating a new scheduled report

  1. In School Manager, go to Reports > Student Activity.
  2. On the upper right, select the Dashboard actions icon > Scheduled delivery.
    1. Select New if there are existing scheduled reports in your Student Activity Report.
    2. If you are scheduling this report for the first time, the Schedule Settings dialog will open (see the next step).
  3. For Destination, select Email, enter the recipient’s Email address, and press the Enter key.


    You can add or remove email recipients:

    1. Enter another email address and press the Enter key to include other recipients.

    2. Select the X to remove an email address.

  4. Select PDF, CSV zip file, or PNG visualization in Format.
  5. Select Save.
  6. (Optional) Select Test now to send the report to the recipient's email.

See Scheduling Advanced Search Reports for more information on other scheduled report options and how to edit scheduled reports.

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