Linewize Appliance Options Overview

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Your Linewize appliance has been carefully configured by a Linewize Service Delivery Engineer for your school. Linewize does not recommend changing any Device Options without assistance from the Linewize Support team. If Linewize Support directs you to change Device Options, this article shows you how to access Device Options and explains what each option does.

Accessing Device Options

  1. Sign in to School Manager with an Owner/Global Administrator account.
  2. Select Debugging > Device Options.
Option Function
Device ID The Device's unique identifier. This can’t be changed.
Device Key The unique key links your Linewize appliance with the School Manager platform. It is also the password for your Device. Don’t change this without assistance from the Linewize Support team, as it will break the link between School Manager and your Linewize appliance.
Device Name The name of the Linewize appliance helps you identify devices if you switch between multiple devices. This is usually set to the name of your school or campus. This can be changed with no impact.
Organization Name The name of your School is shown to parents when they connect to your school in Qustodio’s Parent App.
Content Hub This URL points to your school's Online Safety Hub and enables the linking of expert advice to your school's Online Safety Hub.
Timezone The timezone of the Linewize appliance. Don’t change this without assistance from the Linewize Support team, as it will impact the Devices auto-update scheduling.
Multi-Device Management: Is Parent You can set this appliance as the Parent Device if you have multiple Linewize appliances.
Multi-Device Management: Parent Device

The Is Parent option must be checked on the Parent Device first.

If you have multiple Linewize appliances, you can set this device as the Child Device by linking it to a Parent Device. This will copy the Parent Device configuration to the Child Device.

Agent: Enable Browser Extension for Chromebook Only This feature enables Connect for Chromebooks only. It is useful when a school wants to enforce the use of Connect on school Chromebooks but not affect macOS or Windows devices that the student may use.
Agent: Student Auto Enrolment

This feature will automatically enroll students into the Connect App on macOS or Windows devices at schools with 24/7 Filtering in Australia and New Zealand when authenticated against School Manager. Contact Linewize Support to discuss if this feature can be used at your school.


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