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This article is for School leadership and Wellbeing staff.

The Videos Report helps you understand the types of YouTube content users view. You can use the data to assess the popularity, frequency, and types of YouTube content to support individuals or groups of users' video choices.


If your users’ devices are running Connect for macOS, video activity is found in the User’s Dashboard and their User Journey Report instead of the Videos Report.


The Videos Dashboard

The Videos Dashboard is accessed through Cyber Safety > Videos. The date range for the report can be changed by selecting a different range.

The Videos Report displays subtotals of activity for the selected date range sorted by the most popular videos first. You can change how the videos are sorted by selecting the column titles. Select the column title again to reverse the sort.

Section Description
D. Views The total number of times your users opened the video during the selected time period. Many users will open the same video multiple times, especially when videos are embedded in another web page.
E. User The number of users who viewed the YouTube video.
A. Search Search for a video by typing in a word or phrase contained in the Title of the video.
B. Video The thumbnail of the video
C. Title The title of the video


Investigating Video Detail

You can select the Title to open the Video Details page if you want to investigate a video. The details let you see which users were watching the videos. Like the list of videos, you can select the column title to sort the values and select again to reverse the sort.

Section Description
D. IP/Mac  See the user’s network identity (IP - Internet Protocol). Some users may switch between multiple devices when viewing a video numerous times. The identity of the physical hardware (MAC - Media Access Control) is usually blank due to how devices connect to access points on a network.
E. YouTube link Select the title at the top of the video to open the video on the YouTube website. You can use details like the comments to assess the type of behavior associated with the video.
F. Play video Select the play arrow to watch the video inside the Video Details page.
G. Video Description

Read the description provided by the person who posted the video to YouTube.

Many descriptions summarize the type of content, including a “call to action”, and contain links to help you assess if the video is educational, distracting or risky.

A. Search Type a date in the format yyyy-mm-dd, part of a username or the IP/MAC address of a device in the list to filter the list. You must match the symbols and spaces in the text or numbers for the search to work.
B. Time View the date and time the video was opened formatted by year, month, day, and 24-hour time with minutes and seconds.
C. User See the user name for each time the video was opened. Some users may open the video multiple times, especially if it is embedded in a web page.


Investigating Individual User’s Video Activity

After you have viewed a summary of video activity in the Videos Report, you may want to explore an individual user’s video activity in more detail.

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