Integrating Wonde

This article is intended for IT support. 

You can integrate Wonde with School Manager to automatically sync and authenticate your students, teachers and classrooms.


School Manager automatically schedules syncs with Wonde twice a week. Syncs occur during a 24-hour window that begins at 6 PM on Tuesday and Friday nights in your device’s region and ends at 6 PM the following day. Sync windows are not affected by daylight savings.
  • US/NZ region: sync window opens at 6 PM US Central Time (UTC-5).
  • AU region: syncs window opens at 6 PM Australian Western Standard Time (UTC+8).
  • UK region: window opens at 6 PM UTC.

You can manually run a sync if you need to propagate changes before the automatic sync period.

Before you begin:

Time needed: The integration and initial sync typically takes ten minutes to complete, but the initial sync may take considerably longer if your school is very large.


  • Contact the Linewize Support Team to generate a Wonde School ID and Token.
  • You may want to reference Wonde's documentation.

Integrating Wonde


You must ensure that the SIS username and SIS teacher email fields match your Wonde configuration.

  1. Go to Configuration > Authentication > SIS Integration.
  2. Select Add New.
  3. Select Wonde. The Add Wonde Sync dialog will appear.
  4. Select your school’s SIS from the Which SIS would you like to integrate? dropdown. Available options are Powerschool, Ellucian, eSchoolPlus, Illuminate Education and Unit4.
  5. Enter a Name for the Wonde integration
  6. Select the SIS username field. You can select from active_directory_username, mis_id or username.
    • active_directory_username: The active directory username used to identify the contact.
    • mis_id: Wonde provides the ID used to refer to an object within the source MIS.
    • username: The username of the student in Wonde.
  7. Select the SIS teacher email field. You can select from work, email, primary and home.
  8. Select the Field to match students. You can select from Username or Email.
  9. Select the Class name field. You can select from - class.description or class.code - class.description
  10. Select the Domain. You can select from or The domain required for schools in the UK and the rest of the world is "". The domain required for schools in Australia and New Zealand is ""
  11. Enter the School ID, which is provided by the Linewize Support team.
  12. Enter the Access Token, which is provided by the Linewize Support team.
  13. Select Submit.
  14. The Wonde integration will appear in the list.
  15. Select Sync and wait for the sync to complete.
  16. The sync status will show whether the sync succeeded or failed. To see the sync detail, select View Log.


The sync details will appear. 

  • A successful sync will display the number of Matched Students, Matched Teachers, Unmatched Students, Unmatched Teachers, Unmatched Users and Imported Classes.
  • If you have unmatched students, teachers or users, please check that they are entered correctly in the SIS and resync. If there are still unmatched after this second sync, contact Linewize Support.
  • A failed sync will display an error code. Contact Linewize Support with the error code for help.



Resetting the Integration

Resetting clears the last sync date stored in the database so that it appears as if it has never been synced.

  1. To do a complete sync reset, select Reset.
  1. A confirmation window will appear. Select the I Understand checkbox and select Yes, Reset.


Editing the Integration

  1. To edit the details, select Edit.
  2. The Edit Wonde Sync dialog will appear to edit the details, when complete select Submit.


You will need to sync again after editing the details.


Deleting the Integration


Deleting the integration will not remove the students, teachers, or classrooms from School Manager. Users can still log in and use the school's network, but any updates to the users and groups within the SIS will not synchronize with School Manager.


Contact Linewize Support after deleting the integration if you wish to bulk remove user, group or classroom data from School Manager.

  1. To delete the integration, select Delete.
  2. A confirmation window will appear. Select I Understand checkbox and select Yes, Delete.


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