Adding Permanent Associations

This article is for IT support using a Linewize appliance.

A Permanent Association links a user’s device with their Username in School Manager. Your users' devices will connect to your network without additional login after the first time they login to your physical network. A user can be permanently associated across multiple devices with the same account.


There are conditions when you cannot use Permanent Associations. MAC addresses and IP addresses cannot be used for devices on cloud-only filtering or while devices are connected from outside your school’s physical network.

Additionally, MAC addresses cannot be identified when:

  • You are using core switches on your network
  • Your network is configured to apply locally administered MAC addresses to override the MAC addresses of physical devices

In these scenarios you can assign static IP addresses to the users’ devices and make a Permanent Association with the IP addresses and the Usernames.

You can match Users to their devices through:

  1. Adding or Importing their device identity and Usernames
  2. Saving their device identity from Realime Statistics
  3. Capturing their device identity when they sign in to your Captive Portal

1. Adding Permanent Association from User Configuration 

  1. Go to Configurations > Users And Groups > Associations.
    1. To add a single device:
      • Select Add.
      • In the Add User window, start typing any part of the Username and select the Username when it is displayed.
      • Enter the MAC address or IP address for the device.
      • Select Add.

    2. To add multiple associations:
      • Select Import CSV.
      • Select the CSV file containing the association data from your folder.
      • Select Import.

Creating a Permanent Association CSV File

To create your CSV file, enter the username in the first column and the MAC address in the second column of a spreadsheet, similar to:

ramirezra2028 9e:60:12:d1:60:b7
amaradevawd2027 3C:15C2:DD:7e:11

Save the spreadsheet, then export it as Comma Separated Values (CSV) with the .txt extension. Your data will look similar to this example:

ramirezra2028, 9e:60:12:d1:60:b7
amaradevawd2027, 3C:15C2:DD:7e:11

2. Adding Permanent Association from Realtime Statistics

Realtime data can be captured while devices are connected to your Linewize appliance.

  1. Go to Statistics > Realtime > Users And Hosts.
  2. Click the User column title to sort the list by Usernames.
  3. You can check the Save checkbox to add a Permanent Association with the Username.

3. Using the Captive Portal to Add Permanent Associations

You can use the Captive Portal function to require a User to sign in with their Username before using your school network. Enabling Permanent Associations in the Captive Portal reduces the need for users to sign in every time they connect to your school network. As needed, Permanent Associations can be captured for All users or only for selected Groups of users. 

Purging Associations

You can remove device association at any time by selecting Purge Associations. This feature is especially useful when a school-managed device is given to a new student at the start of the new term or to a new staff member. You can purge one, all or only “stale” (inactive) associations.

Purging individual associations

To purge individual associations between users:

  1. Go to Configurations > Users And Groups > Associations.
  2. Use Search to find a Username.
  3. Select delete (the trash can icon) under Operations.

Purging all or stale associations

To purge all or stale associations:

  1. Go to Configurations > Users And Groups > Associations.
  2. Select Purge Associations.
  3. When prompted, select one:

    • Select Purge Stale Associations to delete associations for users who are no longer active, such as those who have left the school or no longer use their associated devices, or users who have been deleted from School Manager.

    • Select Purge All Associations to delete all associations between users and devices.

Associations Exceptions

Creating Associations Exceptions

Use Associations Exceptions to stop certain devices from creating Permanent Associations. You can create Associations Exceptions for any device, but it’s particularly useful for shared devices, such as classroom or library computers and  handheld devices.

  1. Go to Configurations > Users And Groups > Associations Exceptions.
  2. Select Add.
  3. Enter the device’s MAC address.
  4. Select Add.


If an exception is created for a device:

  • You cannot save the device in Statistics > Realtime > Users and Hosts. A prompt will appear to inform you that the user will not be saved.
  • The “Continue and Save My Device” prompt will not appear for the user if you have enabled Captive Portal.

Removing Associations Exceptions

To remove Associations Exceptions:

  1. Go to Configurations > Users And Groups > Associations.
  2. Locate the device or use Search.
  3. Select delete (trash can icon) for the device under Operations.
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