Linewize Companion Mode Guide

This article is intended for IT Support and School Leadership.

Companion Mode is a Filtering Mode that integrates Connect for Windows and the browser extension to enhance the filtering and Classroom Management capabilities for Windows devices.

Understanding Companion Mode

When Companion Mode is enabled, the Connect for Chrome extension is responsible for:

  • Filtering and reporting with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.
  • Classwize features such as Bypass Code, Close Tab and Two-Way Chat.

While Connect for Windows agent is responsible for:

  • DNS traffic filtering for browsers without the Connect extension.
  • Authentication and reporting management.
  • Classwize features such as Live View, Class Announcement and Screenshots.

Prerequisites for Using Companion Mode

Before considering implementing Companion Mode, it's important to ensure your school has the following:

Why Implement Companion Mode?

Companion Mode integrates our Connect agent and browser extension, allowing them to coexist seamlessly without double filtering. You can leverage the Connect browser extension's robust and stable filtering capabilities while ensuring filtering outside Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers through backup DNS filtering.

You have enhanced feature availability in Classwize and School Manager. Previously, the Connect for Windows agent lacked some features only available on ChromeOS devices. Using Companion Mode has unified all these features, achieving feature parity between the two operating systems. In Companion Mode:

Why Not Use Companion Mode?

If your school doesn’t have managed Windows devices or uses unmanaged BYOD Windows devices, Companion Mode is not a suitable solution for your school network environment. Please contact your Linewize Success or Account Manager for further help identifying alternate filtering modes.

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