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This article is intended for IT Support at schools with Linewize Community.

School Experience

What is Parental Control?

Community’s Parental Control feature allows parents to use the Qustodio Parent app to manage and filter a child’s school-managed Chromebook device outside school hours.

Is Parental Control on by default at my school?

No, Parental Control is an opt-in feature for schools. Contact your Linewize Account or Success Manager to turn on Parental Control in School Manager. Once turned on, the Parental Control settings will display, and you’ll be able to configure them.

How do I control when parents can use Parental Control?

You must set your Outside School Hours and School Calendar to allow parents Parental Control access outside school hours. See Parental Control configuration article for more information.

What happens during school hours? Do parents' rules override the school’s policies and interfere with learning?

Parental Control automatically turns off during school hours, prioritizing your School Manager policies. Parents' rules do not override School Manager policy during this time.

Can I see which student devices are under Policy Delegation?

Parents can control the device if you configure Parental Control for after-hours in the School Calendar and if the device is off campus (off-network). You can check the Parent or Student Management pages to see if a parent has accepted control of the device.

What if students are away from school due to a public holiday or student/pupil-free day?

You can configure Parental Control to delegate device management to parents on public holidays and non-school days. These can be set in the School Calendar in School Manager. They can be used for public holidays, school holidays, weather days, student/pupil-free days, and other days when students aren’t at school.

Can I use Parental Control myself? Can other teachers or leaders at my school?

No, the Parental Control feature is only available to parents and only via the Qustodio Parent app.

Parent Experience

How is Parental Control referred to in the Qustodio Parent app?

Parental Control is called ”Rules”, and parents will see messages along the lines of "Apply rules on school devices" or "Manage school devices" in the Qustodio Parent app.

How do parents turn Parental Control on or off?

When your school turns on Parental Control, a toggle becomes available on the Qustodio Rules page on the child’s dashboard. Parents use this toggle to turn delegation on or off based on your school's configuration.

Student Experience

What will the students see if they are blocked?

If your Safety Net blocks the student, they will see the School Manager block page. If their parents’ Qustodio rules block the student, they will see the Qustodio block page.


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