Uninstalling Linewize Connect and Authentication Agent

This article is intended for IT support. 

You can manually uninstall Linewize Connect and the Linewize Authentication Agent on each device, or alternatively, you can bulk uninstall them from school-managed devices using a device management platform. This guide will walk you through uninstalling the Connect Agent and Authentication Agent on your devices.

Manual Uninstallation

Manually uninstalling the Authentication Agent

  1. Run the following commands to uninstall the agent.
    • Windows: wmic product where name="School Manager - Authentication Agent" call uninstall /nointeractive
    • macOS: sudo /opt/FamilyZone/AuthenticationAgent/bin/fc-authentication-agent_darwin-amd64 --service uninstall

Manually uninstalling Connect


  1. Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Select the three dots on the Connect app/Authentication Agent, then select Uninstall.
  3. Follow the prompts to remove the apps.


  1. Go to Finder > Applications.
  2. Click and drag the Connect app on top of the Trash icon in your Dock.
  3. Right-click the Trash bin and select Empty Trash.

Bulk Uninstallation


The bulk uninstallation process requires the assistance of Linewize Support. Reach out to discuss your options.


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