SphireOS 260.13 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • We added a new feature that allows for the inclusion of a group in an On network bypass list. This means that when agent filtering on the network is enabled, and the group device is connected to the school network, SphireOS will filter the device instead of relying on the Agents.


    Contact Linewize Support for assistance in enabling this feature. Once enabled, go to Configuration > Mobile Agent > Bypass Filtering Groups.

  • We made updates to the Prerouting and Postrouting advanced configuration settings. As a result, SphireOS will now dynamically enable these options for an Appliance when necessary, based on your School Manager configuration.
  • We updated the default Advanced Configuration values to help streamline the Linewize Appliance build process.


Release timeline

Early Access:

  • Australia: 19th July 2023
  • New Zealand: 19th July 2023
  • United Kingdom: 19th July 2023
  • United States: 19th July 2023

General Access:

  • Australia: 26th July 2023
  • New Zealand: 26th July 2023
  • United Kingdom: 26th July 2023
  • United States: 26th July 2023

Please follow our maintenance updates at http://status.linewize.net.


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