DNS Filter Server Release Notes


The latest version of Connect will be available on the GA date from:
School Manager > Configuration > Agent Downloads.

DNS Filter Server 2.10.0 (July 2023)

GA: 24th July 2023

What's New

  • We implemented changes to clear the verdict cache when triggered by the Classwize Pause and Focus tools. This addresses situations where verdicts are cached, thus ensuring that blocks occur instantaneously.
  • We implemented a fix in the DNS Server to disable a new logic called Discovery of Designated Resolvers (DDR), introduced in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura. DDR caused requests to bypass our proxy provider.


DNS Filter Server 2.9.0 (July 2023)

GA: 13th July 2023

What's New

  • Partial Filtering is a new feature that enables schools utilizing Connect for iOS to block access to YouTube while still permitting specific educational YouTube videos for students. The DNS filter will redirect the traffic for partial filtering to Cloud Proxy from the DNS Filter.
  • We implemented a fix in the DNS Filter to allow a new Safe Search option that enables the blocking of YouTube Moderate Safe Search. As a result, when a policy blocks the flagged domain youtube-moderate.media.familyzonedns.com, all requests to YouTube will be subjected to moderate Safe Search enforcement. Read Enabling YouTube Moderate Safe Search for more information.
  • We resolved an issue that occasionally resulted in incorrect verdict results, causing certain blocked pages to be allowed.


DNS Filter Server 2.7.7 (May 2023)

GA: 11th May 2023

What's New

DNS Mode Devices:

  • In recent months, the size of the DNS Filter cache has been growing, which has degraded the performance of the DNS Filter. This release improves the efficiency of the cache, thus ensuring the DNS Filter server operates more efficiently.
  • Previously, blocking Apple Private Relay domains resulted in the DNS block page appearing, which caused slow internet speeds for users. We made a fix to ensure these domains will return the DNS of the NX domain instead, meaning that this change blocks all Private Relay domains at a server level.
  • In DNS filter mode, a school teacher could initiate a Classwize Classroom or activate a Pause or Focus feature, and there was a delay in the action due to a cached policy decision. We made a fix to the DNS Filter Server that ensures immediate enforcement of the teacher's policy.

iOS Connect app users:

  • We have received reports from schools regarding students experiencing fallback mode when attempting to access data. We developed a solution called "Single Flight." This fix alleviates the load on client-side constraints and downstream services, resulting in a more efficient and reliable system.
  • We created a new feature called Partial Filtering, which enables you to block all of YouTube but allow access to specific educational videos for students.



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