Configuring Cloud Safe Network

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This article is intended for IT Support at schools which use School Manager to manage students’ access to their network and internet connections.

Cloud Safe Network allows you to use Linewize technologies in a cloud-only environment without needing a physical School Manager appliance. Schools using Qustodio’s Safe Network feature must enable Cloud Safe Network.

What is the Cloud Safe Network?

Cloud Safe Network is an important component of the Linewize Cloud service. The Connect agent sends network safety checks to the service to determine if the network a device is connected to is safe or unsafe. Cloud Safe Network compares the source IP address of incoming requests with a list of school IP address associations. All networks are considered unsafe by default.

If the IP address matches a known association, Cloud Safe Network reports the network is safe and tells the Connect or Qustodio agent to stop filtering. This is important if school users connect to a school network already being filtered or if you are using an alternate filtering solution.

If the IP address does not match a known association, Cloud Safe Network reports the network as unsafe and the Connect or Qustodio agent continues to filter. This is important to ensure school users connecting to non-school networks are protected by School Manager or Qustodio filtering policy.

IP Address Outcome
Matches known association Safe network. The Connect agent stops filtering.
Does not match any known association Unsafe network. The Connect agent continues filtering.

Enabling Cloud Safe Network in School Manager

1. Enable Cloud Safe Network in School Manager

Contact your Linewize Account or Success Manager to turn on Cloud Safe Network on your School Manager.

2. Creating an IP Subnet List

  1. Obtain a list of public IP addresses used by your school.
  2. In School Manager, go to Configuration > Objects > Pools.
  3. Select Add Pool.
  4. Enter a Pool Name and Pool Description.
  5. Select IP Subnet List from the Type dropdown.
  6. Select Save.
  7. For each public IP address your school uses, add a new entry in the Object Pool, select Add Entry.
  8. Enter an Entry, Name and Description.


    The value of the Entry field must be an IP address and subnet mask written using CIDR notation (for example,

  9. Select Save.

3. Add Cloud Safe Network

  1. In School Manager, go to Filtering > Cloud Safe Network.
  2. Select Add Network.
  3. Select the IP Subnet List from the Subnet Group(s) dropdown.
  4. Select Save.
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