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This article is intended for School Manager and Classwize users.

School Manager utilizes "Themes” to label each website or connection and block or allow access based on your school's filtering policies. Themes can have Categories and Signatures, allowing Filtering Administrators or Owner/Global Administrators to customize your school’s filtering policies. You can learn more about creating effective filtering policies using Themes, Categories, and Signatures in our guide.


We regularly review and update each Theme, Category, and Signature to ensure websites are accurately classified. If you think a website has been misclassified, please contact the Linewize Support Team.

Main Themes Breakdown

Arts and Entertainment

Art, Digital Recreation, Entertainment,  Music, Sports, Streaming.

Categories  Description Example Websites

Cartoons and Manga

All Animation styles, Cartoons, and Comics.,

Celebrity Celebrity information and Gossip.,
Entertainment Content with the purpose of entertaining an audience.,
Events Conferences, Festivals, Weddings, Sports Matches, Concerts, Trade Shows, Cultural Exhibitions,
Humour and Procrastination Stand-Up Comedy, Parody, Memes and Internet Humor, Comedic Web Series, Prank Videos, Funny Animal Content.,
Live Streaming Real-time broadcasting of audio and video content.
Movies and Film Content relating to movies, film, documentaries, actors and actresses.,
Music and Audio Music events, distribution, downloading, and streaming services.,,
Sports Sporting news, live sporting events.,
Streaming Media Digital video and images, including TV shows and movies.,


Business and Government

Entrepreneurship, Financial, and Legal-related.

Categories  Description Example Websites
Agriculture Farming and growing crops.,
Business Management, consulting, marketing, and commercial information. Information about products and services.,
Charity and Nonprofits Charities, charitable events, and non-profit foundations.,
Crypto-currency Services related to the distribution and trading of crypto-currency.,
Financial Services Accounting, payment and taxation information and services.,
Government Government and emergency sites and services.,
Legal Legal advice, services, and professional societies.,
Medical Information Science and practice of medical diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, treatment of injury or disease.,
Military Military branches, armed services, military history.,
Online Banking Mobile banking apps, internet banking, digital wallets, online bill payment.,
Payday Loans Traditional payday loans, online payday loans, installment payday loans, military payday loans,



All gaming-related content (educational and non-educational).

Categories  Description Example Websites
Educational Games Local or online games intended for learning and self-improvement.,
Game Stores and Publishers Games retailers, streaming services, and online distribution platforms.,
Gaming Resources Online forums, and wikis involving gaming content.,
Video Games Content that allows the downloading and playing of games.,


Information and Reference

Dictionaries, Encyclopaedia, Maps, Reference Material.

Categories  Description Example Websites
Academic Institutions Information about vocational schools, colleges, and universities.,
AI Tools Tools that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to generate, aggregate, or manipulate content.,
Books and Literature Discussions, reviews, distribution, and online publication of novels and other literature.,
Computing and Electronics Computer hardware and software development information, tools, sales, services, and resources.,
Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Reference material and resources regarding general topics.,
Education Teaching methodology, academic tutoring, and information about schools and extracurricular education.,
Environment Information and studies related to living organisms and their natural habitat.,
Image Search Traditional image search engines, reverse image search, AI image recognition, stock photo libraries, facial recognition search.,
Knowledge Sharing Resource sharing, reviews, and general information across all subject areas.,
Maps Online regional and national navigation tools.,
Museums and Culture Digital and physical libraries, galleries, exhibitions, and museums.,
News Local, national, and international news and current affairs sites, services, and discussion.,
Politics Political and governmental content.,
Recreation and Hobbies Outdoor activities, arts and crafts.,
Reference Dictionaries, encyclopedia, reference guides.,
Search Engines Tools that allow users to search the internet for content.,
Other Search Engines Other miscellaneous web search tools and services.


These do not have Safe Search options.,
Sex Education Information about human sexuality, including reproduction, sexual health, and intercourse.,
Translation Tools and services that transcribe, translate, or interpret content.,
Weather Weather Apps, National Meteorological Services, Global Weather Services,


People and Society

Politics, Philosophy, Marriage, and Religion.

Categories  Description Example Websites
Body Art Content that supports an individual's aesthetic preferences and self-expression.,
Health and Fitness Information, tools, services, and resources to support physical and mental health.,
Home and Garden Renovation, Home Tours, Interior Decoration, DIY Projects, Kitchen and Bathroom design.,
Job Search Job recruitment and resources for job seekers.,
Occult Mystical, supernatural, and pseudoscientific information, discussion, and resources.,
Parenting and Baby Parenting forums and communities, pregnancy and birth information sites, baby gear reviews, parenting apps, single parent support sites.,
Pets Resources about the acquisition and care of animals., 
Real Estate Information related to property construction, buying, selling, and renting.,
Religion Websites related to religions, beliefs, and practices.,
Social Sciences Content involving people, culture, and civilization. Includes information about local events and community organizations.,
Toys Content designed specifically for children and teenagers.,
Vehicles Vehicle sales, servicing, repair, and other forms of transportation.,
Weddings Websites about wedding planning, wedding registry services, wedding venues, wedding photography and videography portfolios, wedding vendor directories.,


Shopping and Travel

Goods and Services, Online stores, Travel, and Tourism.

Categories  Description Example Websites
Clothing and Appearance Beauty products, Clothing, and Accessories.,
Food and Dining Restaurants, cooking, and meal-related content, including delivery apps and services.,
Shopping Online stores with the ability to purchase products or services.,
Travel Flights, Accommodation, and Tourism information.,


Social Media and Communication

Websites and Applications related to Social Networking, Messaging or Conferencing.

Categories  Description Example Websites
Blogs Blogs, journals, and other media that are self-published online.,
Dating Information, platforms, services, and resources focused on establishing romantic personal relationships.,
Discussion Forums General discussion forums, niche interest forums, technology support forums, political and social issue forums.
Messaging and Conferencing Internet telephone, messaging, VoIP, and related tools and services.,
Social Networking Applications, tools, and resources that allow people to interact, communicate and share content online.,


Web and Infrastructure

Websites and Applications related to Social Networking, Messaging or Conferencing.

Categories  Description Example Websites
Advertising Tracking services that monitor user interactions with websites, applications, and services that deliver targeted and untargeted marketing content to them.


Blocking this category may stop some websites and services from functioning correctly, particularly ones using anti-adblockers.,
Content Delivery Servers that provide digital storage for online services. They can often be vital to their operation.


Some websites may not function correctly when this category is blocked.,
Email Webmail tools and services.


This does not include email client services.,
File Sharing Online file sharing, storage, and viewing tools. Online file sharing, storage, and viewing,
Internet Speed Tests General speed test sites, ISP speed tests.
Parked Domains Domains (website addresses) that are not registered or awaiting registration. N/A
Portals Website integrating diverse sources, emails, online forums, and search engines.,
Remote Access Tools Tools and services that facilitate authorized remote access to another desktop or private network.,
Software Technology news, sales, and information about the development and application of tools, machines, materials, and technological processes.,
Software Updates Connections and web addresses relating to an application or operating system updates. Windows updates, Apple updates
Trackers Cookies, third-party tracking scripts, pixels and beacons, social media trackers, ad trackers, analytics trackers, location trackers, device fingerprinting,
Web Hosting Shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, file hosting services, database hosting,



Malicious content, Viruses, Keyloggers, Trojan Horses and Hacking related content.
Example websites will not be given as they could be malicious.

Categories  Description
Hacking Online services and addresses which are often used to initiate malicious attacks on networks.
International Domain Names

Website addresses that contain non-english words generally used for unlawful purposes.

Malware and Phishing

Sites and services that host fraudulent content to retrieve personal information or expose the user to malicious software.

Phishing sites mimic other real businesses or services to trick users into entering personal information and passwords.

Peer-To-Peer Commonly known as torrenting. Websites/Applications that facilitate torrenting and the direct exchange of files between users.
Piracy Reproducing and distributing copyrighted content.
Proxies and VPNs Sites and services that allow users to gain access to content by bypassing URL filtering or monitoring.
What's My IP Services Tools for finding your IP Address online, IP Addresses can contain geographical information which can be used maliciously.


Mature and Explicit

Provocative or disturbing content.
Example websites will not be given as they could be deemed offensive.

Categories  Description
Abortions Content relating to Abortion procedures and access, including anti-abortion content.
Academic Dishonesty Information, resources, tools, and discussions to facilitate or encourage cheating on school exams and assignments.
Adult Mixed Content Intentionally or unintentionally containing adult and pornographic content alongside all-ages content, such as content aggregators or message boards.
Alcohol and Tobacco Content that promotes or sells alcohol and tobacco.
Child Abuse Content related to the maltreatment of children.
Criminal Activity Information, tools, resources, and discussions to assist in committing criminal activity.
Drugs Information about and access to recreational drugs, including addiction and rehabilitation resources.
Fireworks Content that promotes or sells fireworks.
Gambling Online betting activities and lotteries.
Gore Depictions, descriptions, and discussions of violence and violent events, both real and fictional.
Hunting and Sporting Content that promotes or sells equipment related to  Seeking, Pursuing and killing of animals.
Intimate Apparel and Swimwear Content that sells or displays swimwear, night clothes, undergarments, and accessories.
Intolerance Prejudiced and discriminatory content that may incite hate towards a particular group.
Marijuana Information, tools, resources, and discussion regarding the use or cultivation of marijuana.
Nudity Intentionally or unintentionally sexually provocative nude or semi-nude depictions of the human body.
Pornography Sexually explicit content.
Self-Harm Crisis helplines and chat services, self-harm discussion forms, counseling and therapy resources, blogs about body issues.
Terrorism Content containing generally obscene, vulgar, or derogatory language.
Violence Depictions, descriptions, and discussions of violence and violent events, both real and fictional.
Weapons Information about–and access to–hunting, military, and personal combat tools that can injure or kill.


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