Creating Content Filtering Policies to Support Malware Protection

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This article is for Filtering Administrators and IT Support.

Malware poses a significant threat to the security and integrity of your school's computer systems. School Manager has a Malware Content Filtering Category to combat this risk and support dedicated malware protection solutions deployed at your school.

Create a Malware Filtering Policy

You can make a Content Filtering Policy for Malware in the same way you would create a policy for any other type of content in School Manager. In the policy’s Type field, search or select Malware. You can also search for or select a specific type of malware, such as spyware.


We recommend you block the Proxies and VPNs Category in a separate Content Filtering Policy. It can not only help block malware attacks, but the use of filtering circumvention tools at your school.

What types of malware are in the category?

The Malware category includes a range of malware types, including:

Subcategories Description
Spam URLs Sites that are linked to sending irrelevant or unsolicited messages over the Internet. Spam websites can trigger a computer to open many windows to distract you while installing malware/bloatware on your computer.
Spyware and Adware Sites that provide or promote information gathering or tracking without the user’s explicit consent. These websites can install programs on your computer that steals sensitive personal information.
Bot Nets Online services and addresses which are often used to initiate malicious attacks on networks. Bot Nets are generally utilized to overload servers, which can make websites/applications unreachable or unusable—also known as DDoS/DDoSing.
Key Loggers Information about and access to software programs that capture the keystrokes on a keyboard.
Keyloggers can record all personal information entered into a device, such as passwords, ID numbers, and anything entered using a keyboard.
Phishing and Other Frauds Sites and services that host fraudulent content to retrieve personal information or expose the user to malicious software.
Phishing sites mimic other real businesses or services to trick users into entering personal information and passwords.

How can I find out if a site is in the Malware category?

You can find out if a website of concern is in the Malware category using the Category Search. Category Search allows you to search for specific websites and see their associated category or signature.

Does Linewize add more sites to the Malware category?

The Linewize team and partner companies specializing in website categorization monitor the internet to identify new and emerging malware threats. These websites are continually categorized within the Malware category to ensure effective protection.

How can I add a website that I believe should be included in the Malware category?

Contact Linewize Support with the site's details or subcategory and request a review. Our Cyber Safety team evaluates the request and makes updates to fit all of our users.

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