Automatically Convert URLs into an Object List School Manager

This article is intended for IT Support with a Global/Owner Administrator user role.

It is important to organize your policy set effectively when creating Content Filtering Policies in School Manager. The URL to Object List tool helps you create streamlined policies by telling you when a policy contains eight or more URLs and allowing you to convert those URLs into an Object List.

How does the URL to Object List Converter work?

  1. A notification will appear above the Type dropdown on the Create Policy and Edit Policy windows when you enter eight or more URLs into a Content Filtering Policy.


    Signatures and Categories do not count towards this count.

  2. On the notification, select Create Object Pool. The URL to Object List Converter will add all URLs to a new Object Pool.
  3. To add more URLs to the Object List, enter additional URLs in the Create Object Pool window.
  4. Select Create Object Pool to add it to the Content Filtering Policy. A pop-up will confirm the successful creation of the Object List.
  5. Continue to edit the policy, then select Save Policy.


    To add more URLs to the Object List in the future, go to Filtering > Content Filtering and select Object Lists in the upper right, then select the relevant Object List.

Can I ignore the notification?

Yes, you can ignore the notification and continue manually entering URLs or domains into the Content Filtering policy. However, the notification will reappear if you choose to edit the policy again.

What will the Object List be named?

The URL to Object List Converter will inherit the name of the saved Filtering Policy. If the Filtering Policy has a name, the Object List will use the same name, including the date and time of creation, to prevent potential duplicates. The Object List will be titled with the date and time if you did not name the policy.

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