Distracted Student Report in School Manager

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This article is for IT support and Filtering Administrators.


Our Distracted Student Report is in limited release to customers who are part of our Beta Program. Contact your Linewize Success Manager if you want to join our Beta Program or enable Distracted Student Report.

School Manager’s Distracted Student Report provides a dashboard that identifies students who may not be focused on their learning materials or uninterested in their learning environment compared to their class or group.

Prerequisites for Distracted Student Report

To use Distracted Student Report, you will need:

  1. An Authentication Service configured in School Manager
  2. Users and Groups configured in School Manager
  3. Content Filtering Rules that block all of these categories:
    1. Proxies & VPNs
    2. Gambling
    3. Gaming
    4. Social Media and
    5. Streaming Media.

Accessing the Distracted Student Report

You must have either the Filtering/Reporting Administrator or Owner/Global Administrator user role to access Distracted Student Report.

  1. In School Manager, go to Reports > Distracted Students.
  2. Select From Date
    Choose a new start and end date, or use the preset values.


    Although there is no limit on the date filter, we recommend you select a period of less than three months due to the high volume of data that needs to be processed. Select a shorter date range if the Distracted Student Report displays an error message.

  3. Select Group > any value
    Enter a group name you want to see in the results.
  4. More than one group can be added.
  5. Select the Load icon.

Hows does School Manager identify a distracted student?

The Distracted Student Report aims to identify students who may be displaying disengaged or distracted digital behaviour using a few combined indicators. It reviews student activity and rates students on a scale of 0 to 8, with 8 being the highest, using three factors:

Factor Description Point Value
High usage The student has higher network usage than average. 1-2
High blocks The student has more blocked access attempts than average. 1-2
Blocked category access The student is trying to access sites in the gambling, gaming, streaming, and social media categories much more than average. 1 per category

Low data users over Date Range

The Low data users category is a list of students who have low network usage but have triggered VPN blocks within your network. It does not add points to the distracted student rating, but may help you identify students who are trying to circumvent your filtering policies.

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