Digital Distraction Report in School Manager

This article is for IT Support and Filtering Administrators.

School Manager’s Digital Distraction Report helps identify students who may not be focused on their learning material or engaged with their learning environment. The Report compares students with their peers over a period and looks for users who are:

  • trying to access blocked content more often than average, or
  • generating more network traffic than you would expect for that peer group.


Our Digital Distraction Report is an optional School Manager feature. Contact your Linewize Success or Account Manager to access this feature.


To use Digital Distraction Report, you will need to ensure you have:

  1. Configure an Authentication Service in School Manager


    Configure groups by year level to generate accurate reports. The Digital Distraction Report will not work correctly if you set up groups that contain multiple-year levels. School Manager compares the online usage of students in similar groups to provide accurate insights.

  2. Configure Users and Groups in School Manager
  3. Create Content Filtering Policies that block all these themes and categories:
    1. Malware and Hacking
    2. Mature and Explicit
    3. Gaming
    4. Social Networking (category of Social Media and Communication)
    5. Live Streaming (category of Arts and Entertainment)
    6. Shopping (category of Shopping and Travel)
  4. Configure the School Calendar in School Manager. The calendar enables the distinction between on-school and off-school reporting.
  5. (Optional) Configure the Outside of School Hours > Include activity outside school hours in reporting setting in School Manager if your school wishes to access reporting data beyond regular school hours.


If outside of school hours reporting is not enabled, selecting the Non-School Hours Time Period will display no results.

Accessing the Digital Distraction Report

You must have the Filtering/Reporting Administrator or Owner/Global Administrator user role to access the Digital Distraction Report.

  1. In School Manager, go to Reports > Digital Distraction.
  2. Select From Date
    Enter a new start and end date, or select from the preset values.

    No Result

    Select a longer or shorter date range if the Digital Distraction Report displays no results. Although there is no limit on the date filter, we recommend selecting a period of less than three months due to the high volume of data that needs to be processed.

  3. Select a Time Period
  4. Select Group Name > is any value, or select a group from the dropdown.
  5. Select the Load icon.

How School Manager identifies distracted students

The Digital Distraction Report reviews student activity and rates students on a scale of 0 to 8, with 8 being the highest, using three factors:

Factor Description Point Value
High usage The student has higher network usage than average. 1-2
High blocks The student has more blocked access attempts than average. 1-2
Blocked category hits The student is trying to access sites related to VPN, Gambling, Gaming, Social Media, Streaming Media, and Shopping more than average. 1 per category

Low data users over Date Range

The Low data users category lists students with low network usage, suggesting they have also tried to access or use a VPN. It does not add points to the distracted student rating but may help you identify students trying to circumvent your filtering policies.

Scheduling the Digital Distraction Report

You can send Digital Distraction Reports by email on a recurring schedule to other school or wellbeing staff.


If you are scheduling the Digital Distraction Report, use a Presets date range. Do not use a Custom date, because this will set your report to an exact date range and send the same report every time.


You can discuss the Digital Distraction Report with your school's Wellbeing Team and configure it so that they receive a weekly report at the beginning or end of the week. This gives them the week ahead to follow up with students or time to investigate any at-risk students.

Creating a new scheduled report

  1. In School Manager, go to Reports > Digital Distraction.
  2. On the upper right, select the Dashboard actions icon > Scheduled delivery.
    1. If there are existing scheduled reports in your Digital Distraction Report, select New.
    2. If this is the first time this report is scheduled, the Schedule Settings dialog will open (see the next step).
  3. For Destination, select Email, enter the recipient’s Email address and press the Enter key.


    You can add or remove email recipients:

    1. Enter another email address and press the Enter key to include other recipients.
    2. Select the X to remove an email address.
  4.  Select PDF, CSV zip file or PNG visualization in Format.
  5. Select Save.
  6. (Optional) Select Test now to send the report to the recipient's email.

See Scheduling Advanced Search Reports for more information on other scheduled report options and how to edit scheduled reports.

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