Testing Your Linewize Community/Qustodio implementation

This article is for IT Support at schools with Linewize Community who use School Manager to manage students’ access to their network and internet connections.

Parents and Guardians

We use the term "parent" to include guardians and other legal custodians. Linewize is not responsible for resolving disputes between parents, schools and school staff.

You can test that your school's Linewize Community implementation is working before you upload any parent data by following the steps below.

Before You Begin

Ensure Community is enabled before testing. To confirm, sign in to School Manager as an Owner/Global Administrator and go to Configuration > Community. Contact your Linewize Account or Success Manager if you can’t see the Community option.

1. Add Parent Data in School Manager

  1. Create and select a test student using Configuration > Users and Groups > Users.
  2. Select Add Parent within the Parent Details section of the test student (Manage User) to open the Search Parent dialog.
  3. The Add New Parent button will initially be greyed out. Type a couple of characters into the Search parent box, then select + Add a new parent.
  4. On the Add new parent dialog, enter the test parent’s details. You must use an email address you can access for the test parent’s email address.
  5. Select Save and Add Parent.
  6. To confirm that you have successfully added the parent, go to Configuration > Community > Parent Management and search for the test parent's name or email address.

2. Connect Parent to Student Account

  1. Open a web browser and go to https://qustodio.com/en/my-school
  2. Enter the test parent's email address, then select Continue.
  3. Enter the test parent’s name and password, agree to the terms of service and privacy policy, then select Continue.
  4. Qustodio will send a verification email to the test parent’s email account. Copy the verification code and enter it when prompted.
  5. Select Verify.
  6. If the test is successful, you will be able to select Connect to connect to the test student account. Follow the prompts to select a birth year and then Start Exploring to complete setup of the test connection. There will be no data to explore. You can then disconnect and delete the test users or keep them for future testing.
  7. If the test was not successful, you won’t get the option to connect to the student test account. Check that you have correctly added the student to the parent in Part 1 of this test and then try again. If you still can’t connect to the student, contact Linewize support.

Please see Troubleshooting common Linewize Community/Qustodio integration issues for further help. If you still have additional questions or issues, please contact your Linewize Account or Success Manager.

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