Connect for Windows 3.6.8 Release Notes


  • Our latest update includes bilingual language support, enabling Connect to function on non-English OS devices. The agent now operates in both WEB/FULL modes, although further adjustments are necessary for DNS mode compatibility.
  • We implemented changes to clear the verdict cache when utilizing Classwize Pause and Focus.
  • We added log transaction IDs that correspond with verdict results, to assist in troubleshooting issues with Connect.

Release timeline

Early Access:

  • Australia & New Zealand: 13th April 2023
  • United Kingdom: 13th April 2023
  • United States: 3rd May 2023

General Access:

  • Australia & New Zealand: 19th April 2023
  • United Kingdom: 19th April 2023
  • United States (GA-US 2): 10th May 2023
  • United States (GA-US 1): 1st June 2023

Please follow our maintenance updates at

Downloading the new version

The latest version of Connect for Windows will be available from the 3rd of May 2023 at

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