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Parents and Guardians

We use the term "parent" to include guardians and other legal custodians. Linewize is not responsible for resolving disputes between parents, schools and school staff.

While it's best practice for schools to manage their students' BYO devices, we know that this isn't possible for all schools. We also know that parents may install a parental controls app on their children's unmanaged BYO devices to keep them safe online. However, these apps can interfere with learning at your school by blocking access to needed resources during school time, or interfering with class activities.

One approach to preventing this issue is by encouraging parents to use an app that will meet their needs while minimizing disruption at school. We recommend Qustodio. Qustodio provides world-leading protection, and we have developed step-by-step instructions you can give to parents to configure Qustodio so it will minimize or eliminate learning disruption. In future, it will be possible to configure Qustodio to automatically turn off when their child’s BYO learning device connects to your school’s network.

Qustodio Parent Settings for BYO Devices

Qustodio is a powerful parental control software that can help you monitor and manage your child’s online activities on a BYO school device. With Qustodio, you can take advantage of features such as web filtering, daily time limits and restricted times to ensure your child uses their device in a safe and responsible way.


You need to do each of these steps in order.

Download: Qustodio Parent Settings for BYO Devices (PDF)

1. Remove other Parental Controls tools

If you want to install Qustodio onto a laptop or tablet your child uses at school as part of a Bring Your Own (BYO) program, you need to uninstall any existing parental control software first. Once you have uninstalled all other parental control programs, you can safely install Qustodio.

2. Set up an additional child profile in Qustodio

You need to set up two separate child profiles on Qustodio for your child’s school device: a school profile (e.g. Henry School) and a home profile (e.g. Henry Home).
  1. Log in to your Qustodio account
  2. Select My Family on the left sidebar
  3. Select Add a child
  4. Select an avatar, and enter your child’s name, gender and birth year
  5. Select Next
Note: If you're using Qustodio for the first time, please follow steps 2 - 5 again to ensure that there is a school and home profile set up.

3. Assign the school device to the school profile

The next step is to install Qustodio on your child’s school device and assign it to their school profile. This will make it easy to have one set of rules for your child’s devices at home, and another set of rules for the device your child takes to school.
  1. Install Qustodio on your child’s device
  2. Log in to your Qustodio account
  3. Select Devices on the left sidebar
  4. Select the device your child uses at school
  5. Select the device accounts you want to protect (e.g Windows accounts)
  6. Select your child’s school profile you want to assign
  7. Select Save

4. Set default Web Filtering in Qustodio for the school profile

Now we’ll tell your child’s school profile that it should rely on your school’s web protection systems and filtering. If we don’t, Qustodio and your school’s protections may conflict and interfere with learning.

In your Qustodio account:

  1. Select your child’s school profile
  2. Select Rules, then Web filtering
  3. Under Categories, go to the bottom and select Select all
  4.  Select Restore default values

5. Set No Daily Limits for the school profile

Qustodio allows you to set daily caps on screen time to limit how long your child is on the computer or other device. We need to make sure that your child won’t run out of screen time while they’re at school.

In your Qustodio account:

  1. Select your child’s profile
  2. Select Rules, then daily time limits
  3. Set the time limits for each day, using the wheel. You should set it to be between 12 and 24 hours.

6. Set Restricted Times for the school profile

Finally, we want to set up Qustodio’s restricted time feature so it doesn’t lock the device or limit internet use during the school day.
There are two ways to do this.
  • You can turn off the restricted time feature for your child’s school profile
  • You can make the time your child is at school hours unrestricted.

In your Qustodio account:

  1. Select your child’s profile
  2. Select Rules, then Restricted times
  3. Either:
    1. Turn off ‘apply restricted times’ to disable restricted times
    2. Select each day and then make sure that the days and times your child is at school are green.

Where can I go for more help?

You can get more information and help with Qustodio at Qustodio's Help Centre or on your child’s school’s Online Safety Hub.


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