Creating Content Filtering Policies for AI Tools

This article is for Filtering Administrators and IT Support.

Linewize has noticed an increase in AI-generated content on the internet, including advanced AI chat programs and tools that generate artwork. We have added an AI Tools subcategory under Information and Reference to allow schools to use these tools for educational purposes or restrict them if necessary.

Create an AI Tools Filtering Policy

You can make a Content Filtering Policy for AI Tools in the same way you would create a policy for any other type of content in School Manager. In the policy’s Type field, search for or select AI Tools. You can also search for or select the specific tool, such as ChatGPT.

What sites and tools are in the category?

The AI Tools category includes a range of websites and tools, including AI chatbots, Machine Learning (ML) development environments, AI writing tools and image generators.

How can I find out if a site or tool is in the category?

You can find out if a website or tool of concern is in the category using the Category Search. Category Search allows you to search for specific websites and see their associated category or signature, making applying the appropriate filtering policy simple.

Will Linewize add more sites to the AI Tools category?

The Linewize team regularly monitors the internet for new and emerging AI-related tools and will categorize these websites accordingly within the AI Tools category.

How can I add a website that I believe should be included in the AI Tools category?

If you come across a website that you think should be included in the AI Tools category or needs to be re-categorized, contact the Linewize Support team to request a change.

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