SphireOS 257.36 Release Notes


  • We improved the appendix signatures by allowing them to exclude themselves from quarantine. This improvement helps Apple devices that use iCloud private relay.
  • We have added Ethtool to SphireOS. This is a valuable tool to help troubleshoot complex network issues.
  • We made HTTPS direct IP filtering enabled by default.
  • We resolved an issue where appliances with abnormally large zoom records could get stuck in reboot loops during startup.
  • We fixed some major memory leaks within the SphireOS group and LDAP modules.
  • We resolved an issue where SphireOS would not validate the SSL certificate when HTTPS inspection was enabled.
  • We fixed a bug in the SphireOS Config Wizard under the network configuration settings.
  • We resolved some issues that have caused various crashes.


Release timeline

Early Access:

  • Australia & New Zealand: 23rd January 2023
  • United Kingdom: 23rd January 2023
  • United States: 23rd January 2023

General Access:

  • Australia & New Zealand: 30th January 2023
  • United Kingdom: 30th January 2023
  • United States: 30th January 2023

Please follow our maintenance updates at http://status.linewize.net.


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