School Manager 2022-013 Release Notes

The first phase of our new design experience is now live for everyone! This includes improvements to the look, feel and consistency of some of School Manager's most used pages. There are no major changes to functionality, but we’ve improved usability, navigation, and accessibility.

Stay tuned for more updates to the remaining pages over the coming months!

What's New

  • Clean new visual style
    Better contrast, better use of space and colour, better table and data layouts—it's all there! Login and check out the Statistics and Cyber Safety sections to see for yourself!
  • Breadcrumb navigation
    We've added breadcrumbs to pages to help you quickly access parent pages and understand where you are in School Manager.
  • Tooltips
    We're adding more tooltips to School Manager! Hover your mouse over a tool tip to find out more about features and data.
  • Visual, in-product alerts
    We've added more on-screen alerts to let you know if actions succeeded or failed, or if the action you're about to undertake could have a negative outcome.
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