Pause Internet FAQ for schools

This article is intended for IT Support at schools with Linewize Community who use School Manager to manage students’ access to their network and internet connections.

School Experience 

What is Pause Internet?

Community's Pause Internet feature allows parents to pause internet access on a child’s school-managed devices using their Qustodio account. You can enable Pause Internet to work either outside school hours only or all the time (24/7).

Is Pause Internet enabled by default at my school?

Pause Internet is an opt-in feature for schools. Your school controls what Community features are available to you and your school community.

How do I control when parents can pause the internet?

You must set your School Calendar for school hours and days to allow parents to pause internet access outside school hours. See Enable Pause Internet in School Manager for more information.

To let parents pause the internet on a child’s device at any time, including during the school day, you must Enable Pause Internet 24/7.

Why would I want to enable Pause Internet 24/7 at my school?

The current Community calendar does not include school holidays or term dates. You may want to allow Pause Internet 24/7 during these times. If you operate as virtual or distance education schools, you may want parents to have control at all times.

Can I see which student devices are paused?

No, you can’t currently see if a student’s device has been paused by their parents.

What if students are not at school due to a public holiday or student/pupil-free day?

You can set non-school days by configuring your School Calendar inside School Manager.
These can be for public holidays, school holidays, weather days, student/pupil-free days, and other days when students aren’t at school. Parents can pause the internet on their registered child’s devices on set non-school days.

Can I use Pause Internet myself? Can other teachers or leaders at my school?

No, the Pause Internet feature is only available to parents and only via the Qustodio App.

Can my school end the pause?

No, the school can’t manually end a pause. However, the pause will automatically end at the start of the school day as set in your School Calendar. Starting a Classwize class also ends the Pause for any students in that class.

Will the pause automatically end?

Pauses automatically end at the start of the school day as set in your time pool object or after 24 hours, whichever comes first. Starting a Classwize class also ends the Pause for any students in that class. Parents cannot pause the internet for students who are in an active Classwize class.

Parent Experience

Can a parent pause the internet while the child is at school?

Not by default. However, your school may choose an optional configuration, 24/7 mode, that lets parents pause the internet anytime, including during the school day. However, even if you have enabled 24/7 mode, parents cannot pause the internet for students who are in an active Classwize class.
Starting a Classwize class ends the Pause for any students in that class, and parents will need to reapply the Pause once the class is over.

Can a parent pause the internet on the device if it is not at school but the child is?

Only if you have enabled Pause 24/7 mode, currently, if the child is at school, the device is also considered at school.

Will a parent be able to schedule a routine for Pause Internet?

No, we do not support scheduling a pause currently. A child’s parent will need to Pause the Internet daily.

How does a parent pause the internet?

Select the child with the school-managed device on the Qustodio website or parent app, then select or tap Pause Internet.

How does a parent end the pause?

On the Qustodio website or parent app, they can select the child with the school-managed device they want to unpause, then choose or tap Until XX:XX time.

Can the parent pause for multiple days?

No, the pause has a 24 hour maximum duration.

What if the child is not at school e.g. sick day?

School hours will still apply unless your school has enabled 24/7 mode. We are investigating ways for parents to mark students as being away from school for the current day.

What happens if the parent has more than one student with a school-managed device?

The connected student's devices can be paused individually.

Student Experience

Can a student ask to be unpaused?

No, not currently.

What will the student see if they are paused?

The student will see a custom version of your school’s block page. This will also show the end time of the pause.

pause-internet-block-page-oct-2022.pngImg 1: Paused Internet page on Student’s device

Will the pause be for all the student’s devices if they have more than one?

If the student has more than one school-managed device, the pause will work on all these devices.

Will this stop all internet connectivity on the device?

Pause Internet will turn off all internet activity.

Will the student be able to use non-internet-connected applications or programs while paused?

Any application or program that does not require an internet connection will still work for the student.

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