Sharing student data with parents using Community

This article is intended for IT Support at schools with Linewize Community who use School Manager to manage students’ access to their network and internet connections.

Parents and Guardians

We use the term "parent" to include guardians and other legal custodians. Linewize is not responsible for resolving disputes between parents, schools and school staff.

Student data sharing allows parents to see an aggregated view of their child’s usage data on school-managed devices for the current day or an overview of the last seven days.


Image 1: Total Daily Usage

Parents can see the most used apps and websites and the most used categories. Community determines usage by counting network hits on apps and websites.


Image 2: Most Used Categories and Most Used Apps & Websites

For more information about data and privacy, refer to our Privacy Policy.

Configuring Student Usage Sharing


You must ensure all student and parent information is correct in your School Information System (SIS) or other source of truth before turning on Community. Community relies on your data being accurate to deliver services and correctly add parents and students together. More information can be found in the following articles:

To turn on Student Usage Sharing:

  1. Go to School Manager > Configuration > Community > Configure Community.
  2. Select the Share Student Usage and Insights checkbox.
  3. Under Data Sharing Time, select during which time student data usage should be captured. You can select one of the following options:
    • All Time
    • School Time Only
    • Outside School Time Only
  4. Under Type of Activity to Share, select which activity types to allow data to be shared. You can select one or both of the following options:
    • Share Allowed Activity
    • Share Block Activity
  1. Select Save.


To share the Student Timeline, which presents a child's usage activity chronologically based on your school's settings, see Share student timeline with parents using Community.

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