Reviewing Blocked Video Websites

This guide is for school leadership and wellbeing staff.

You can use the Blocked Report as part of an evidence-based approach to support students attempting to view inappropriate videos.

The Blocked Report helps you assess what types of videos students try to view and investigate the website associated with the video. The information helps you to support the student in making better video choices. Additionally, you can use your report results to discuss video filtering rules with your Filtering Administrator or IT support.

Finding Blocked Video Websites

We refined the new Blocked page layout to allow you to find the blocked content by categories and then review which students were accessing the content.

  1. Verify the time period you want to search at the top-right of your window.
  2. Go to Cyber Safety > Blocked and select Apps.
  3. Search for a Category commonly associated with videos (not case-sensitive):
    • Entertainment
    • News
    • Sports
    • Mature and Explicit 
  4. Select a website from the list you want to review.

  5. You will see a list of Users blocked from accessing the video website:
    • To report on a group of users, select Export and download the list of blocked users (Comma Separated Values text). Use this list to communicate with student support staff or to develop steps to support this group of users.
    • To support an individual user, go to Statistics > Active Users > (select the Username) > User Journey (see the steps in the User Journey Report Guide)
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