Reviewing a User’s YouTube Searches

This guide is for school leadership and wellbeing staff.

When you support students in managing the types of video content they choose, you may want to review the keywords from their YouTube searches.

The User Journey Report gives you a comprehensive view of a student’s Internet activity by showing you both allowed and blocked web content. By filtering the results to show YouTube searches, you can review where the student may have become distracted by additional videos or been tempted by inappropriate content.

Reviewing YouTube Searches

  1. Go to Statistics > Active Users and select a student’s name.
  2. Select User Journey at the top of the student’s dashboard.
  3. (Optional) Change the report date range using the date picker on the toolbar.


  1. Check the Search checkbox in the Filter by: Type dropdown.

  1. Start typing “Youtube” (not case sensitive) in the Filter by: Category dropdown.
  2. Check YouTube in Filter by: Category.

  1. Review the search terms in the Activity column.
  2. (Optional) Select Export to download a CSV file of your results.

Combine your experience with this evidence-based data to support your students. The User Journey Report can help you understand if a student is at risk from inappropriate video topics or is distracted by videos.


Protecting Students from Inappropriate Video Content

The User Journey Report is a tool to discuss the video content you are concerned about with your IT support.

Discuss Strict mode for YouTube Safe Search with your IT support if students are accessing explicit content through YouTube searches. Strict mode limits search results and suggested videos to topics appropriate for younger audiences. Moderate mode can be appropriate for older students to allow them access to broader content like human biology, social movements, war history, and current events.

You may find that some words or abbreviations are used to find explicit or distracting content. Where the combination of search terms is unique, your IT support may be able to update the Filtering policies within your district or school instance of School Manager to block the search terms.

Unfortunately, some keywords are so common that block rules are not practical. If the video content is risky and found with common keywords, you can report the creator, channel or video to YouTube.

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