Enforcing Safe Search in Connect for Windows, macOS, and iOS

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This guide is for IT support.

Safe Search can block explicit and potentially offensive content from appearing on Google, YouTube, and Bing search.  

Before You Start

Check for your current Safe Search settings:

  • If your school already uses Google Workspace for Safe Search, you can use School Manager to enforce Bing Safe Search. Duplicating the Safe Search in Google Workspace and School Manager can prevent Safe Search from working.
  • Review your list of Content Filtering rules for any existing rules for Google, YouTube, and Bing search engines and keywords.

Contact Linewize Support for assistance before you start if you already have multiple rules for Google, YouTube, and Bing. 

Enabling Safe Search

Use these steps in School Manager to set up Connect on your users’ local devices to enforce Safe Search.

  1. Go to Filtering > Content Filtering.
  2. Select ADD RULE if you do not have an existing rule. Or select the pencil icon to edit an existing rule. 
    1. If you have iPads, use the two signature categories (and specify the iPad users in Groups in the next step)
      bing.search.familyzonedns.com, google.search.familyzonedns.com, youtube.media.familyzonedns.com
    2. If your users are required to login to their Google account and you manage Safe Search in Google Workspace, create a block rule for Bing-only using the following web address
  3. (Optional) Choose Groups in Select Criteria. Type and select a Group name to restrict the rule to only these users.
  4. Ensure Action is set to Block.
  5. (Optional) Select the Locked Rule checkbox if there are other locked rules for search keywords or search engines. You may also check Locked if you do not want teachers to override this rule.
  6. Select SAVE.
  7. On the Content Filtering screen, enable the rule by selecting its toggle.
  8. Move it to the top of the list.
  9. Go to Configuration > Mobile Agent > Off School Manager Network
  10. Ensure MITM Enabled is checked.
  11. Click in Search for Website/Category in MITM Inspected.
    1. If your school uses Google Workspace to manage Safe Search,
      type Bing and select

      Signature Bing.

    2. If your school does not use Google Workspace for Safe Search,
      type the search engine name and select the three signatures:

      Signature Google Search, Signature YouTube, Signature Bing.
  12. Go to the bottom-right corner of the Mobile Agent window and select SAVE.
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