Connect for Windows 3.6.1 Release Notes

Connect for Windows 3.6.1 is a significant release that has improved and stabilised the core filtering components, the upgrade and installation process with some exciting new features.

An important change is the upgrade and release process of our agents. Prior releases were made available to all customers in all regions. For customers in our School Manager platform, you have been assigned to release branches in your region. For example, Australian customers will be assigned to either General Availability - AU, Early Access - AU or Beta - AU. We will be progressively rolling out this release through each region and the branches. Customers in Beta branches will be first, followed by Early Access and finally, all customers on the General Availability release branch.

If you’re not a School Manager user, you have been assigned to the General Availability release branch.

The release schedule is:

Release 1: Wednesday 13th July

  • Beta AU
  • Beta NZ
  • Beta UK (Early beta branch)

Release  2: Wednesday 20th July

  • Early Access AU
  • Early Access NZ
  • Early Access UK
  • Beta US

Release  3: Wednesday 27th July

  • General Availability AU
  • General Availability NZ
  • General Availability UK
  • Early Access US

Release 4: Wednesday 3rd August

  • General Availability US
  • Consumer (Global)

New Features

  • Classwize Live View support is now included.
  • You can now restrict the Google Workspace domains

Fixes and Improvements

  • We resolved an issue where the agent was generating a lot of temp files and failing during auto-updates.
  • We resolved an issue that caused the tray app to not appear or was causing it to run multiple instances.
  • We fixed an issue that was preventing silent installation of the MSI file.
  • We resolved an issue where some Classwize plugins and tools were not functioning or were running multiple instances.
  • We improved our enforcing Safe Search feature.
  • We resolved an issue where the DNS Filter was not using the right condition. 
  • We fixed an issue where YouTube videos weren’t reported or blocked in certain conditions.
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