Connect for Chrome - Education 2.1.0 Release Notes

Welcome to Linewize Connect for Chrome - Education 2.1.0!

This release of the Linewize Connect for Chrome - Education extension includes new security features, improvements to Live View and Screenshots connections, and optimized performance and page load times for students.

New Features & Improvements

  • Stop Chromebook users signing into non-School Google accounts

Our new safety feature allows schools to stop users from signing into non-school Google accounts and domains, including users’ personal Gmail accounts.

IT administrators can create a list of official domains of the school, district, state, or approved providers, and any accounts that do not match these domains cannot log in. Support is coming for Windows and Mac.

  • Improved performance and reduced CPU use by the extension

We’ve optimized the way the Connect Chrome extension gets its filtering policy from the cloud. This resulted in faster page load times and reduction in CPU use when the policy is processed.

  • Support for Smoothwall

We’re extending our class management support to Smoothwall for our users in the UK.


We’ve fixed an issue with screenshots that caused rate limiting to switch on. Classwize now won’t take unnecessary screenshots, and Live View and previews within student tiles update more efficiently.

We’ve fixed an issue that caused Google Safe Search to enter a redirect loop. Google now displays Safe Search results as expected.


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