School Manager Feature Lab Release - Sep 2022

The School Manager user interface is getting a facelift that provides a contemporary look and feel.

There are no major changes to the functionality, but we’ve made some enhancements to improve usability, navigation, and accessibility.

What's new

  • Breadcrumb navigation: We've introduced a new breadcrumbs to help you know where you are. You can also use the links to go to the parent category.
  • Tooltips: We help you understand what is on your screen. Hover your mouse over a tool tip to see an explaination of the feature.
  • Visual, in-product alerts: We added brief on-screen confirmations of the success, error or warning for an action you completed.

What's changed

  • Navigation and menus: The navigation is now intuitive and highlight the active pages in a better way
  • Devices: Simplified experience overall and better indication of device status.
  • Statistics and Cyber Safety pages: We've refined the layout and you can interact with the data.

What's next

  • Content Filtering and Filtering pages
  • Configuration pages


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