School Manager 2021-009 Release Notes

Welcome to School Manager 2021-009!

We continue to introduce improvements to School Manager to help you locate data across the application, as well as configure more robust filtering that meets your school’s requirements.

We have also rolled out additional filtering capabilities to the Student Journey Report to help you generate more meaningful information about your students’ digital wellbeing.

New Features and improvements

Category/Signature filter for the Student Journey Report

You can now filter the Student Journey Report according to Category/Signature. Exported copies of the report in both CSV and PDF also match the sorting on the screen.

The Student Journey Report is on limited release to our Early Access Schools. For more information about this feature, contact Linewize Support.

Searching capabilities on more pages

More pages now have the Search feature to help you more quickly locate data. 

  • Filtering

    • Safe Search 

  • Edge Networking

    • WAN > NAT Exceptions

    • MDNS Bridge Configurations

    • Gateway VPN Connections

  • Edge Networking > QOS

    • Rate Limiting

    • Priority

  • Configuration > Networking

    • Interfaces

    • Routing

  • Configuration > Authentication

    • Captive Portal

    • SIS Integration

    • LDAP Servers

    • WMI

    • Timeouts

  • Debugging

    • Snapshots

Domain exclusions for DNS filtering 

Set up Mobile Agent’s filtering to ignore internal DNS domains.


  • Invalid filtering configurations that caused the appliance to restart:We have corrected an issue that caused the appliance to restart when filter rules are configured incorrectly.  The application now prevents users from creating bad configurations.  
  • Blank screens on the Cyber Safety Videos page: We have fixed a bug that occasionally caused the Cyber Safety > Videos page to display blank screens. 
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