School Manager 2021-013 Release Notes

Welcome to School Manager 2021-013!

We continue to add improvements to School Manager with the release of Advanced Connection Search, updates to emailed reports’ look and feel, and bug fixes to Safe Search display issues and LDAP configuration.

New Features & Improvements

Advanced Connection Search (ACS)

ACS is a new feature that allows users to generate connection data reports to help them troubleshoot issues with access, conduct forensic analysis, and build detailed usage reports.

Data generated in the reports are based on the device’s timezone, and users have the option to select child devices from the Device Selection menu. Access to ACS data is limited to users with Owner/Global, Filtering/Reporting, and Global Support administrator roles.

ACS is on limited release to our Early Access Schools.

Improved look and feel for emailed reports

The device ID has been removed from the Weekly and Welfare Report emails. Users now receive emailed reports that look better and are easier to use.

From Student Journey Report to User Journey Report

We tweaked our naming conventions a little by renaming the Student Journey Report to User Journey Report, referring not only to students but also to other users within the School Manager Network.


Fixed the Safe Search display issue

We’ve corrected an issue with the Safe Search configurations where the modal appeared broken when group criteria is used. The modal now displays correctly.

Fixed the LDAP Server Port display issue

We’ve corrected an issue with the LDAP configuration that occurred whenever the port text was removed. The configuration now displays correctly.

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