School Manager 2021-017 Release Notes

Welcome to School Manager 2021-017!

This release of School Manager features improvements to the Red Flag and Filter Alert emails.

New Red Flag and Filter Alert Features

Link to Sign-In to School Manager

We’re making sure that email alerts and reports help you jump quickly into School Manager whenever you need to take action immediately. Once you have reviewed the emails, simply scroll down the page to find the Sign in to School Manager link.

Links to School Manager Help Articles and Support

School Manager email alerts and reports now include links to help guides that are relevant to the reports. Simply select How to use this report on the footer for instant access to our knowledge base articles. If you want to speak or chat to our technical support specialists, select Contact Support.

A Consistent and Modern Appearance

The Red Flag and Filter email alerts now have a more consistent and modern appearance, featuring branding elements, such as background colors, logos, and alert or report type. The new design ensures it’s easier for you to scan messages without missing relevant information.

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