School Manager 2021-006 Release Notes

Welcome to School Manager 2021-006!

We continue to add new improvements to reporting, navigation, and diagnostics to give you a more stable and secure School Manager experience. This also provides a few fixes for filtering downvote requests, navigation, and authentication.

New Features

New Time Range Slider for Student Journey Report Beta

The new Time Range slider allows users to generate more specific time frames for the Student Journey Report. The slider, which is available for reports that cover a window of 24 hours or less, allows users to further adjust their reports to more specific periods.

The Student Journey Report is on limited release. For more information about this feature, contact Linewize Support.

Time Zone is Added to the Student Journey Report’s Filename

This update improves the way the Student Journey Report’s filename is generated by including the School Manager device’s timezone instead of just its name. Adding the time zone to filenames helps administrators and users with Reporting/Pastoral Care permission to see instantly when the report was created and to ensure that they are working with the most relevant copy of the report.

Time zone is also included on the Student Journey Report’s cover page.

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