School Manager 2021-002 Release Notes

Welcome to School Manager Release 2021-002!

This release adds a number of improvements to the  Student Journey Report. We continue to work with beta testing partner schools to ensure this new reporting tool provides a better understanding of how students use online resources and access information. 

We have also enhanced our configuration pages by improving the way users view data, while squashing a few bugs along the way.

New Features and Fixed Issues

Sortable table columns and movable rows

In this edition of School Manager, you can now filter and rearrange data by table headings in ascending or descending order.  The sorting feature is also available to MDNS Bridge and Networking Interfaces configuration pages.  

The Firewall configuration page also lets you move firewall rules up and down the list, letting you prioritize certain rules in the system.  Simply click the Move (+) icon and drag the rule up or down.

Improved Student Journey Report and Red Flags 

With focus on students’ cyber safety, we’ve introduced better ways for School Manager users to access, review, and export reports. 

On the  Red Flags page, the most severe or common risk indicators are presented at the top by default.  In addition, users can sort Red Flags reports by username or full name in alphabetical order, making  it easier to locate and track individual students in schools with bigger student populations.  

On the Student Journey Report, the latest data are placed at the top of the web page and, as in other reports, users can sort data according to column headings:

  • Result: arrange the list by flagged, blocked or allowed connections.
  • Category: identify the most to least common applications or websites a student visits.
  • Activity: find more about the information students search for or visit online.
  • Type:  check the type of activity reported.

Live character limit on Student Journey Report comments 

We’ve made it possible for users to keep track of the character limit as they enter their comments before generating PDF versions of Student Journey Reports.  The notification appears when there are only 50 characters (or less) left in the Cover Page Comment field, or if the character limit has been exceeded.

By adding comments in exported Student Journey Reports, administrators and relevant staff can highlight the most salient points of their students’ online journeys.

Student Journey Report is timestamped to the device time zone  

We fixed a previously reported issue with exported Student Journey Report where the times recorded did not match the School Manager device’s location. Now the Student Journey Report reflects the time zone of the School Manager device, making exported data accurate and mroe relevant to school administrators and reporting staff.  The Time/Date column on the Student Journey page also features this update.

Updated Classwize Config feature list

We streamlined the list of Classwize configuration features, so watch this space for more updates.


  • Time periods are now working as expected in the list of criteria for content filtering. This fixes an issue where selected time periods that included date ranges did not have any effect on filtering traffic.
  • Horizontal and vertical navigation bars now stay on the screen when users scroll up or down, left or right. 
  • A recurring issue with differences between data reported in the Red Flag emails and Red Flag data on the application has been resolved. This issue affected only a few schools and has been fixed for all users. 
  • In Debugging >Device Options, the “Disable Browser Extension Outside Network” check box has been removed. This functionality has been replaced by Mobile Agent.
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