School Manager 2021-001 Release Notes

Welcome to School Manager  Release 2021-001

We have introduced a new testing process that allows us to zero in on any bugs and issues with School Manager. With improved and more rigorous testing, customers are assured that they have the most stable product to date.

This version of School Manager also addresses an issue with the synchronization of user data for WONDE Integrations.  Users can now select which field they want to use to synchronize their data.   

New Features and Improvements

Automated rapid testing

  • An automated testing process has been introduced that allows for a more rapid and precise testing of School Manager. The result is the most stable product with each version. 

Fixed teacher-student data synchronization

  • An issue with  synchronizing WONDE configurations has been fixed, making it possible for end-users to select which field will be used to synchronize data.  Previously, the School Manager application required that the “work” field be used to synchronize the user data.

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