School Manager Red Flag Alert Email

This article is ideal for teachers, school leadership, and wellbeing staff.

The "REDFLAG ALERT" is an automated email report to help school leadership and wellbeing staff monitor students who may need to provide an immediate intervention. Contact your IT Admin to set up email notifications for you.

After your "REDFLAG ALERT" email notifications are set up, look for email from with the subject, “[REDFLAG ALERT]”. You will also see the student’s name and the type of Red Flag in the subject. You will receive one email per Red Flag per student. 

Daily Email Limits

By default, School Manager will send a maximum of 50 emails in a 24 hour period. You can ask your IT Administrator to turn off "Rate Limiting" to allow all realtime email notifications.

When you open a Red Flag email, you will see:


  1. The Student’s name and School Manager device name.
  2. Click to Go to the User Dashboard to see a summary of web traffic, top traffic types, and subtotals of the count of the web content and searches by category. 
  3. Time and Date of the Red Flag activity.
  4. Category of the Red Flag.
  5. When search terms or keywords can be captured, those will be listed in Request under the Red Flag. Click View in School Manager to go to the user’s Search Report.
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