Using Category Search in School Manager

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This article is intended for IT support with a Global/Owner Administrator user role.

You can use School Manager’s Category Search to help manage your filtering policies and check the category that a website belongs in. Enter a website into the tool and it will show you its Category and Signature.


A Category is a collection of similar websites and can include content “Signatures”. A Signature is a pattern used to identify a specific website, service, or application. Not all websites and applications have a Category or Signature.

You can use the Category Search results and the Test Policy Tool to prevent conflicts, improve existing Policies or create new Policies.

  1. Go to Filtering > Content Filtering.
  2. Select Category Search.


    Do not include the site’s protocol (examples, https:// or http://) in your query.

  3. Type a web address, domain or subdomain.
  4. Select the Search button (magnifying glass icon).
  5. A grayscale icon identifies a Category while a color icon identifies a Signature.
  6. Note your results and close the window.


What if your search didn’t return any results?

The Category Search only returns results if your search is for a specific domain or subdomain with the top-level domain (like .com,,, .edu) of the website included. You cannot search by the website's name, a full URL or with the protocol (http:// or https://).


You can contact Linewize Support if you feel a website that is not categorized or is incorrectly categorized.

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