Setting Up Parent and Child Devices in School Manager

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You can use a parent School Manager device’s configuration to maintain continuity across multiple School Manager devices in your system. The child devices will inherit the configuration changes from the parent device, saving you time when you maintain a large network of users’ devices.


Do not change any device settings without consulting with the Linewize Support team.

Changes to your School Manager devices can prevent users from accessing the internet or disable filtering. When you set up a child device some configurations will be lost when the parent device overwrites the child device’s configurations.

Before you start

A parent device will overwrite the following configurations on child devices. Assess the impact of these inherited device configurations while planning changes to your School Manager devices. 

Function in Menu Function in Config Audit
Filtering > Content Filtering applayer.filtering
Filtering > Safe Search applayer.safesearch
Configuration > Users and Groups > Groups authentication.groups

Configuration > Authentication > LDAP

Configuration > Authentication > LDAP Servers



Configuration > Authentication > Advanced Configuration authentication.mergedidentity

Configuration > Authentication > Google

Configuration > Authentication > Azure AD

Configuration > Authentication > Clever

Configuration > Authentication > Advanced Configuration


Configuration > Authentication > Timeouts authentication.timeouts
Configuration > Users and Groups > Users



Configuration > Classwize > Classrooms



Configuration > Classwize classwize
Configuration > Objects > Pools objects.lists
Configuration > Objects > Time Periods objects.periods
Configuration > Objects > Security Groups objects.securitygroups


Setting up a School Manager Parent Device

  1. In School Manager, go to Debugging > Device Options.
  2. Under Multi-Device Management, check the Is Parent checkbox.
  3. Select Save.

Setting up a School Manager Child Device

  1. In School Manager, switch to the device you want to convert to a child device.
  2. Go to Debugging > Device Options.
  3. Under Multi-Device Management, select the parent device from the Parent Device dropdown.
  4. Select Save.
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