Information Synchronized in High Availability

This article is for IT support.

This article explains the information synchronized between High Availability (HA) Linewize appliances and applies to Active-Passive deployments. Your secondary Linewize appliance will obtain the configuration updates from your primary appliance as described, below.


Any configuration not listed in the table will require setup on both Linewize appliances.


Configuration Obtained By Secondary Appliance Corresponding School Manager Page
CONTENT FILTERING Filtering > Content Filtering
SAFE SEARCH Filtering > Safe Search
GOOGLE Configuration > Authentication > Google
AZURE AD Configuration > Authentication > Azure AD
CLEVER Configuration > Authentication > Clever
LDAP Configuration > Authentication > LDAP
LDAP SERVERS Configuration > Authentication > LDAP Servers
ADVANCED CONFIGURATION Configuration > Authentication > Advanced Configuration
TIMEOUTS Configuration > Authentication > Timeouts
USERS Configuration > Users and Groups > Users
GROUPS Configuration > Users and Groups > Groups
POOLS Configuration > Objects > Pools
SECURITY GROUPS Configuration > Objects > Security Groups
TIME PERIODS Configuration > Objects > Time Periods
CLASSWIZE Configuration > Classwize
CLASSROOMS Configuration > Classwize > Classrooms


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