Manually Updating a School Manager Device

By default, School Manager automatically updates your school’s device(s) outside school hours. However, the Linewize Support team may instruct you to manually update your device to help troubleshoot or resolve an issue.


When manually updating a device, it will be offline for approximately 10 minutes.

Manually Updating a Device

  1. Log into the device you need to update using an account with the Owner/Global Administrator role.
  2. Select Debugging > Device Updates
  3. Check whether your School Manager is on the latest version. If the Latest Version field is blank, then your School Manager is on the latest version.
  4. If the Latest Version field shows a newer version number, Select Update. The update will immediately begin to run.

sm_manual_update_2023_02_23_001.pngImg 1: School Manager Device Updates Page

  1. The Update Log will appear and begin to populate. Once the log is finished, select Restart.

Img 2: School Manager Device Update log

  1. The device will now be updated to the latest version. If the update is not completed successfully, please immediately contact the Linewize Support team with a copy of the log.

Img 3: School Manager Device Latest Version

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