School Manager 2022-001 Release Notes

Welcome to School Manager 2022-001!

This release introduces Share Feedback, which makes it easier for you to inform us about your experience with School Manager. We’ve also upgraded the Website Object Pool Configurations where you can set up filtering rules based on Top Level Domain Extensions (TLDE). 

The Weekly Report Email now sports an improved look and feel, featuring links to essential information and few Linewize brand elements. We’ve also fixed a few bugs that affected Red Flag Alert emails and guest user access.

New Features & Improvements

New Share Feedback Form

Request new features and functionalities, or share your experience with our School Manager product team, directly from any screen by clicking the new Share Feedback link.  

New Website Object Pool Configurations Using Top Level Domain Extensions

You can set up Website Object Pools to allow or block sites with TLDEs based on country (.ru, .cn, or .au) or category (.adult, .casino, .io or .porn).

Similarly, the Website Object Pool now gives you a way to configure more education-friendly TLDEs such as .school, .education. art or .science. 

New Weekly Report Email Features

We’ve given the Weekly Report Emails a new look and feel, and added a few useful links to make it easier for you to:

  • Sign in to School Manager

  • Know how to use the Weekly Report 

  • Contact the Linewize Support Team

  • Know more about Linewize’s Privacy Policy 

We’ve also made sure to include other relevant details, such as Copyright and link to the Linewize website.


Fixed Guest User Page 

We fixed an issue that caused School Manager to crash when a guest’s username or full name included non-ASCII characters. Now guests with non-ASCII characters on their usernames or full names can connect to the network without issues.

Fixed Broken Links in Red Flag and Filter Alert Realtime Reports

We corrected an issue with Red Flag and Filter Alert Realtime Reports where links pointed to incorrect pages within the application. Now, links open to the correct pages, such as the Searches page for alerts that are triggered by searches or the Apps and Websites page for alerts that are triggered by blocked sites and apps.

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