School Manager Functionality Removed - July 2022

Functionality Removed from School Manager

We will be removing Bandwidth Quota functionality from School Manager.

We are removing the Bandwidth Quota functionality as a majority of our customers stopped using it when they moved to learn-from-home models and switched to full-cloud deployments. These changes have made an on-network quota irrelevant. We have noted this as currently less than 2% of our School Manager customers have enabled the functionality for their physical networks. 

If you currently use the Bandwidth Quota on your physical network, please contact your Linewize support team if they have not already been in touch with you.

The scheduled dates for the removal of the Bandwidth Quota functionality is:

  • US and NZ customers on July 9, 2022 
  • Australian customers on August 1, 2022

We have also removed the Linewize User Downvote email feature due to low usage.

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